Bangor Maine AllCare Minutes 9-8-18
Bagel Central Bangor

Attendees: Nate Shea, Jeff Graham, Geoff Gratwick, Norma Fortin, Andrew Santo, Mary Tedesco-Schneck-

-Discussed other possible meeting times during the week. Mary will create a Survey Monkey to poll for best times and will also work on phone-in options e.g. Zoom. Recognized we are member-driven and need new members

-Nate Shea is stepping down as chair. We are looking to a new chair or co-chairs.  Major responsibilities of the chair are to create our agenda, run the meeting, and attend (by phone) the state Maine Allcare meeting.

– Geoff Maine Allcare report:
Want members to be more active
Currently we have a chief, Phil Daily and organizers Chris Cayer and Abby Ryder
12 groups now in Maine most committed but not necessarily active
discussed what model of universal healthcare we want to portray

-Activities proposed: orient volunteers and knock on doors in Bangor Oct 13th
12-4 Plan to reserve Bagel Central for orientation before. Hope to involve
experienced canvassers such as Geoff Gratwick

-Question if there is a coordinated effort to talk to political candidates

-Events: Common Ground Fair Sept 21-23

-Treasurer’s report $25 spent for Pride event $215.35 in the treasury

-Maine AllCare state meeting is the first Thursday of the month

Next meeting pending the survey

Canvassing orientation October 13, 12-1 PM possible meeting before