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LTE: Facility fee bill only a stopgap

Letter to the editor by Larry Kaplan, M.D., MPA, published in the Portland Press Herald on September 7: Facility fee bill only a stopgapā€”Maine needs universal health care  

Paul Farmer, Medical Visionary

Paul Farmer, an inspirational leader in global health, passed away, too young at 62. His powerful vision for social justice in health should guide us to single payer in the US and to use the . . . read more »

Follow the Bismarck model

Keith Newman of Addison, Maine, advocates for the Bismarck model, describing how Otto von Bismarck united Germany in 1871, with universal health care. He states: “We already do the Bismarck model in times of crises. . . . read more »

A Backroom Deal To Kill Single Payer

Under pressure from labor leaders and insurance execs, NY Dem leaders are blocking a vote on health care legislation even though it has majority support in the legislature. A bill to create a single-payer health . . . read more »