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ME Monitor: ‘Tell us your health care story’

Maine Monitor reporter Emily Bader wants to hear from Mainers about their health care experiences, especially with delays and other issues obtaining care. The Maine Monitor is a nonprofit news outlet published by the Maine . . . read more »

Remembering Dick Dillihunt

Doctor standing in white coat with stethoscope around neck holds the hand of seated patient and lays hand on patient's shoulder with light shining behind
Dr. Richard C. “Dick” Dillihunt, a long-time and ardent supporter of universal health care and of Maine AllCare, passed away in May at age 88. Dr. Dillihunt was born in Hartford, Connecticut, received his medical . . . read more »

Between a rock and a hard place

Woman in blue scrubs and white coat sits on floor of hospital with head down and arms on knees.
How our system hurts medical workers and how universal health care could help Burnout, workforce distress, moral injury: These terms have different shades of meaning but all point to a growing crisis in medical workers, . . . read more »