Personal Stories

Remembering Dick Dillihunt

Doctor standing in white coat with stethoscope around neck holds the hand of seated patient and lays hand on patient's shoulder with light shining behind
Dr. Richard C. “Dick” Dillihunt, a long-time and ardent supporter of universal health care and of Maine AllCare, passed away in May at age 88. Dr. Dillihunt was born in Hartford, Connecticut, received his medical . . . read more »

March 2023 Newsletter

View of golden brown fields crisscrossed with strips of forest and a small town in the distance under a bright blue sky with wispy clouds.
Rural health care: Essential and at risk Maine is the most rural state in the nation. Almost two-thirds of Maine residents live in rural areas, and 11 of 16 counties are considered rural, according to . . . read more »

Unemployed and without affordable healthcare

“My husband lost his job last week, we can’t afford the deductible & premiums for COBRA, so will be paying out-of-pocket for our life-saving medical prescriptions while also trying to make mortgage payments, keep our . . . read more »