Our Mission

Maine AllCare promotes the establishment of publicly funded health care coverage for all Maine residents. This system must be efficient, financially sound, politically sustainable and must provide benefits fairly distributed to all.

Maine AllCare advocates that health care, a basic necessity, be treated as a public good, since it is fundamental to our well-being as individuals and as a democratic nation.

Our Key Principles

Universal coverage: Every Maine resident is enrolled in the same system, regardless of health status, age, gender, place of residence, employment status or health history.

Cost constraint: Reasonable prices are negotiated with pharmaceutical companies, providers, and suppliers of medical goods. Savings are seen from eliminating the current for-profit system.

Publicly funded: Every Maine resident contributes based on graduated taxes, which replace premiums. Bankruptcies due to medical expenses are eliminated.

Comprehensive: All medically necessary care, including preventive care, is covered.

Portable: Every Maine resident has the security of permanent, individual health care coverage, which is not tied to employment.

Provider-directed care: Providers, rather than insurance companies, have the freedom to make clinical decisions based on standard of care and individual needs.

Patient choice: Every Maine resident has the freedom to choose providers and hospitals without worrying if they are “in-network.”

Simple and efficient: A simpler system reduces waste, administrative costs and eliminates the current complexity of multiple insurers.

Public good over profit: Health care is delivered as a public good just like roads, police, fire protection and education rather than as a source of profit.