July 30, 2014

As we celebrate the 49th anniversary of MEDICARE – over 49 million Americans are Medicare beneficiaries (2012), including 276,467 here in Maine – let us redouble our efforts in words and deeds in educating our fellow Mainers about the crying need for and common sense benefits of universal access to health care by everyone in our state.

Here are two brief 3-minute videos worth seeing. We are featuring for the first time Delene Perley and Dr. Jim Maier, both of whom testified early this year in support of our universal health care bill, LD 1343, before the Legislature’s Insurance and Financial Services Committee. While their stories are personal, the problems of lack of affordable health care, even with the Affordable Care Act in place, are a sad reality faced by many thousands of our fellow Mainers on a daily basis.

The current private, for-profit, insurance-based system cannot, and will not, solve the problem. Only a transformational decision by an informed public can bring about a real solution. Only a publicly funded and privately delivered system – a universal single payer health care system – will improve both the health and prosperity of every Maine family. Only a simple system such as Medicare for All will ensure affordable coverage to each and everyone of us. Please join in our advocacy by subscribing and donating to Maine AllCare.

Best of all, by covering everyone automatically, Maine will save a billion dollars in the first year operation, according to Harvard economist Dr. William Hsiao, a world renown expert in health care financing. Together, we can and will make Maine the healthiest and most productive state in the nation. Thank you on behalf of all of us at Maine AllCare.