What Can Maine Doctors Do?

Return medicine to its healing roots — help educate and advocate for universal, single-payer health care that covers every Maine resident

  • Join the Maine AllCare mailing list, and volunteer to help, including supporting us financially.
  • Join PNHP — www.pnhp.org.
  • Visit our website regularly and check out Phil Caper’s blog for even more information, updated weekly!
  • Organize and make your voices heard through the Maine Medical Association.
    • Doctors have lost influence during the past 30 years or so, but we are far from powerless – they don’t have much of a business without us!
    • Make your views known.
  • Write op-eds and letters to the Editor of your local paper.
  • Testify in person and in writing before the relevant legislative committees when legislation affecting health care is being considered. MAC can help organize these efforts.
  • Organize speaking events directed at professions and lay audiences.
    • Grand rounds
    • Local and specialty medical societies
    • Community forums, church groups, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Chambers of Commerce


  • Maine doctors will no longer have their clinical judgments second-guessed by insurance company bureaucrats.
  • Medical practice will be decided by caregivers and patients and will return to being driven by mission, not money.
  • Maine patients will no longer have to wonder whether their doctor’s treatment decisions are driven by their health needs or their insurance coverage.
  • Maine hospital leaders will be free to offer services determined by the needs of their community, not their need or desire to generate revenue.

If you have ideas about how else we might advance the cause of universal health care here in Maine, please write to us at info@maineallcare.org and put “Idea” in the subject line. Thank you.