Sept 9 2017 – Bangor Maine All Care Meeting

Attendees: Nate Shea (chair), Andrew Sarto, Carol Bodner, Jeff Graham, Tim Burns (new co-chair)

Report on the showing of “Now’s the Time” at the Peace and Justice Center: good attendance and response Future events could be held there for $10/hr

MAC message on Medicaid expansion: “we are supportive”

MAC state-level organizers Brian Funk and Kyle Bailey will help organize house parties if desired Herman “Sizzler” event small response and “a few yellow cards”

Consider future showings of “Fix It”, “Now’s the Time” and “The Healthcare Movie”

Bernie’s bill for Universal Health Care to be presented Sept 13th supported by Elizabeth Warren and others

There is a standing meeting of the Food and Medicine group with Susan Collins’ staff on Tuesdays at 12N

Consider some sort of similar meeting of BMAC members with her staff as well

MAC Board meeting report: working on peer to peer fundraising site on line, house parties, and events

Carol Bodner will help contact people who indicate they are interested in becoming new members on their yellow cards

Treasurer’s report: $257.75 in treasury
Next meetings: October 21st and November 11th still at 8:30 AM at Bagel Central for now