Sept 2017 – Portland Chapter Minutes



 Members present: Nancy Bogg, chair, Elizabeth Oatley, scribe, Larry Kaplan, Tovah Foss, Audrey Briggs, Jan Chapman, Diana Cundy, Ed Cundy, Marjorie Rosenbaum. Guests: Chris Cayer (Statewide Field Organizer)

1 – Called to order at 8:05 & introductions

2 – Minutes of August 23, 2017 approved

3– Recent chapter actions/involvements

  • St. Albans Episcopal Church in Cape Elizabeth healthcare discussion group was coordinated by Suzanne Roberts with Delene Perley, who considered it successful even though they were not able to sign people up. People did take brochures about Maine AllCare. The focus was on “people of faith and the issue of healthcare.” We concluded the restriction was because as a church they were not allowed to take political positions.
  • Common Ground Fair-Chris reported that they had 17 volunteers show up, collected $500 and ca 660 cards.
  • Farmers’ Market-Jan Chapman reported a successful 45 cards signed.
  • Audrey delivered the abbreviated version of NITT to her contact at St. Jospeh’s College who showed it to her class.

4 – Future chapter opportunities

  • Chris passed around a sign-up sheet for polling places in Portland. He is planning to cover all 11 locations in Portland. He is also organizing for other area places as well.
  • Jan has contact information for a nursing teacher at SMCC.
  • Now Is the Time screenings at Westbrook Community Center – Friday, Oct 13, setup 6:00, film starts at 6:45 with panel discussion to follow, finishing at 8:45.
  1. No refreshments, just water. Dianna and Elizabeth will again “person” the Welcome Table with yellow cards, suggested $5 donation, flyers.
  2. We had no report about who was going to be on the panel – probably Beth Franklin, Phil Caper and a representative from SMWC.
  3. Diana reported that posters are ready and include the MAC address and mention of panel. Diana and Ed and Ann will post them.
  4. Marjorie reported on the community papers she has contacted, and said she has also contacted the Temple in South Portland because they have a Social Action committee.
  5. Chris created an announcement on Facebook and MAC page (reaching SMWC, MSNA, etc.) and will do an email blast to supporters in surrounding communities. He said our relationship with SMWC is fragile because we don’t focus on their “Healthcare Is Human Right” position although we support it. (There is a good article in the October 2, 2017 issue of the New Yorker entitled “Is Health Care a Right?”.)
  • Future screenings – Chris said he has lots of copies of NITT. FixIt can be copied.

5 – Fundraising-Dee said the Nancy Green’s house party was successful. Chris said there have been several house parties. No report on the online platform.

6 – Meeting was adjourned at 8:55

Next meeting Oct 25, 2017 at Allen Ave. UU church, 7 pm in the sanctuary

Respectfully submitted, Elizabeth Oatley