October 26 2017 Greater Brunswick Area Minutes

10/26/17 Greater Brunswick Area Maine AllCare Minutes

(formerly Midcoast)

5:30 – 7 PM, Unitarian Universalist Church, Brunswick, Maine

Attending: Bill Clark, Jean Sawyer, Virginia Derr, Frederick Lancaster, Bill Eaton, Gail Eaton, Loren Arford, Poppy Arford, Eileen Manglass, Meredith Stanhope, Jeremy Chimere-Weiss, Wendy Flaschner, Marla Davis, Peter McGuire, Charlie Priest, Bryan Funk.

Minutes: Frederick Lancaster

Introductions made, minutes approved, agenda adjusted. We welcomed Jeremy and Meredith, students at Bowdoin, and celebrated their interest in health of the public…..

  1. Progress on MCC goals for 2017, since our last meeting 10/20.

a.Sign up partners –– aim for 40 new partners- one/chapter member. Actions reported since last meeting — Will Neilson reports that Grace Episcopal in Bath invites a program of our choice on a Saturday am in Bath. – Bill and Virginia initiated conversation with UCC Brunswick and the Presbyterian Church in Topsham. Oasis Health declined, after a presentation by Bill to the Board.

b. Show movies – 7 by the end of the year- Bill scheduled “Big Pharma” on 12/4 at Curtis Library

c. Find supporters and sign them up. 1000 by year end

MCC volunteers at Damariscotta Pumpkin Festival ,Common Ground Fair, Bath Autumn Festival, Senior Health Festival signed up several hundred new supporters on yellow cards.

d. House Party. 3 by year end

HP are fun, excellent source of support and $.

One attendee from Julie’s 10/18 HP plans to host party in Portland ?name

Marla reports that MCC has one set up for Nov 2

2. Fund raising and donations. Bryan Funk led discussion. Chapter has only been $ raising since June, 2017. Bryan demonstrated how to set up one’s own fund-raising page on the web, showing Bill’s page as example. Bryan encouraged everyone to establish their own fundraising page. One can post it to Facebook, too, to ask your FB friends to donate, and craft your own message for that page. Small gifts add up!

a. “Peer-to-peer (friends asking friends) is my specialty” (Bryan). “My goal is making sure everyone is equipped to $raise.” “Sustainable fundraising, I show you how to make a difference.”

b. Monthly donations (pledges) even small ones, make a big difference, says Bryan

c. Here is the P2P fundraising URL: https://www.classy.org/campaign/Healthcare-for-All-Maine/c138689

Just click to become a fundraiser

Set up your own page: with name, email; OR connect via Facebook if you prefer

Set a fundraising goal (Bill’s is $400)

Set a password “Easy as 1,2,3!” Bryan says

d. A couple more details:

i. Donors can remain anonymous

ii. You can personally thank each donor, from your page

iii. Maine AllCare organization goal is to raise $7500 by Dec 31, 2017

iv. Poppy suggested that “being forthcoming with our budget and expenditures can help your contacts decide to give: “let people know it has been a 100% volunteer effort for past 5 years. – The Board and friends raised $ to hire organizers this year and we pay for space to have events or do tabling; there are no other significant expenses. And MAC needs $ to continue this work – our organizers’ contracts expire end Nov- we need $$ to assist our volunteer Board and Chapter Leaders and members so that we can continue to advocate successfully for Healthcare for all Maine.

3. Frederick engaged the group on messaging:

a. “Frames” are words/ ideas that if repeated often enough, create circuits in the brain. We all respond to Frames that are out there- and the conservatives have gotten us wired for “guns”, “immigrants” and so on, so that we think of “their position” when we hear the words. We progressives tend to work in silos on “our own” issue, and do not have a coherent vision and common language that we advocate.

b. So, the efforts led by, for example, Planned Parenthood, climate change groups, and advocates for health care all use our own terms. Nothing binds our work together. Frederick suggests that our language should point to a “coherent progressive vision.”  Each of our silos should talk about our vision of democracy, liberty, freedom, equality, as we talk about our silo issue, to establish a more coherent and cohesive “progressive” framing.   Purposefully.

c. We should not attempt to negate an opposition point, because one cannot negate a “frame;” any attempt to negate a frame only gives that frame more energy

d. WE must always speak toward our vision.

4. We watched a 10’ video from W Washington Chapter of PNHP . Everyone liked it. Inspirational. On Youtube at Sweden US Healthcare Check it out.

5. On 10/29 Board and chapter leaders will discuss messaging – Bill and Carson will attend, and report at next mtg


 a. PARTNERING Action: Bill will send “PARTNERING instructions” to all, with cc of Partner Agreement, list of partners we already have and some “suggested” dialog. — MC Hospital, Oasis Health and League of Women Voters have been contacted and refused. All data at this link: MAC partners }

i. Frederick asked for help organizing in Bath.

ii. Bill, Virginia, and Will will report (see above)

b. Event action: Curtis Mem Lib for 12/4. Please contact Bill about what you can do. We should fill the room. Need help w advertising.

i. Bill and Virginia will meet with Jeremy and Meredith, and report on Bowdoin action

ii. Please volunteer to spearhead an event effort: find a venue and date!! (Bath, Bruns, Topsham, Harpswell, Woolwich, Wiscasset, Damariscotta, Richmond, Dresden; Bowdoinham; ETC)

c. House Party action: REMEMBER: Contact MARLA Davis, MCC house party organizer if interested in doing one.

d. Supporter action:  We will all be at polling sites!  And, take yellow cards with you in your purse or bag or briefcase to sign people up!

e. Bill said he would send a Facebook link on truths/myths about single payer but has not been able to find one. Try PNHP.org, after all!!

f. At next meeting, we will discuss outcomes of Board’s retreat on MESSAGING (10/29)

Next meeting: November 30, 2017 at 5:30 PM at the UUCB. And then, January 25, 2018- no meeting in December.