October 25 2018 Greater Brunswick Area Minutes

10.25.18 minutes, Greater Brunswick Area Chapter, Maine AllCare
5:30 – 7:00 PM, Unitarian Universalist Church, Brunswick, Maine

 (NOTE that MAC messaging is slightly modified to eliminate UNIVERSAL and we’ll refer to HEALTHCARE for ALL MAINE from now  on if you treasure it, GET ACTIVE!

Many chapter members who are willing to work / volunteer cannot attend meetings (or don’t like meetings- we understand!).  Consult “GET ACTIVE” at the top of meeting minutes.


  • Table on ELECTION DAY or at community event
  • Volunteer for Nov 9 Celebration
  • Agree to host House Party-Marla
  • Suggest a venue for a presentation/event
  • Suggest a person to serve on MAC Board

Present 10/25: Bill Clark, Jean Sawyer, Poppy Arford, Loren Arford, Susan Kamin, Marla Davis, Abbie Ryder, Wendy Flaschner, Kathy Rives

  • Introductions, agenda review ( 1 item suggested)
  • Review minutes, 9/27 – no changes suggested


  • Gearing up for seeking donations to keep us going!!

Chapter work accomplished—brief reports:

Chapter work pending— YOU can help!!

  • CELEBRATION NOV 9. FUNDRAISER!! BIG DEAL!! We need people to help set up and take down, organize and sell tix, and so on.  PLEASE CONTACT ABBIE to volunteer. We will need lots of help, from 4pm to close about 9—if you can donate a couple of hours, let Abbie know. This is a BIG EVENT. Buy your tickets online, now: $20, kids under 12 free. Raffle tix at the door.
  • Alliance for Economic Democracy. Bill will be doing a workshop, nov 10, Augusta. Should be an engaging all-day event and other progressive organizations are presenting. Register at the website, $1-$35, depending on resources- good lunch. http://www.aedmaine.org
  • ELECTION DAY. NOV 6, MAC will be tabling in many places. Chris/Abbie in charge. Please let one of them know that you can help sometime that day…..
  • GIVING TUESDAY: (Tue after Thanksgiving, 11/27) We need volunteers, and for place from which to make calls. Chris and Abbie will provide names, numbers to call. Can you offer a spot, and/or make calls- it was fun last year….?
  • Abbie announced that our HCHR partner SMWC is hosting Monument Sq. rally (10/28) to protest implementation of a federal 1115 CMS waiver that would make draconian work requirements, and erect other obstacles to care, for Medicaid recipients)
  • We are doing Clynk bags- we will have CLYNK bags at each meeting—Have you turned one in, yet? Easy way to help AC raise a few $$
  • We briefly discussed rotary presentations at this meeting- Contact Marla or Poppy — Most Rotaries have weekly meetings, so they need speakers
  • Progress on goals (accomplished/goal ) “Star” for goals met!
    • Presentations (10/10): SEE TABLE/BOX BELOW FOR SCHEDULE.
    • Endorsers: (30 biz, 15 orgs)
    • Sign up individuals: (~1000/1000).!!
    • House Parties: (4/10) Debbie (summer)/ /Bill (TBD) will host soon.
    • Fund Raising planning for Nov 9.


In a mid-Oct survey of 1000 Registered Vtrs, how many said: “I support providing Medicare to every American?” (This is not an ambiguous question.) : 25%; Of Repub said “strongly support”, and 27% said “somewhat support”; = 52%+.  Somewhat oppose 22; strongly oppose 26; = 48%-. Dems=86% support, Ind= 68%+.  The survey, conducted by Hill.TV and the HarrisX polling company, had a sampling error of 3.1%

NEXT MEETING: Dec 13 Thursday 530, UUCB.

 Greater Brunswick Area Chapter Presentations, 2018. Goal-10

  • 2/21 Discussion Grace Episcopal Church, Bath. 34 participants
  • 4/4 Discussion Landing YMCA, Brunswick.
  • 4/21 Discussion area psychologists, Marla D
  • 5/1 Brunswick Dems meeting- MAC summary 10’
  • 5/1 Bowdoin College (“Current Issues Regarding Your Healthcare in America:

Why College Students Should Care” May 1, 25 enthusiastic students attended. Bill and Retired prof. Steve Loebs presented.

  • 5/4 Bill spoke briefly to Sagadahoc Cty Board of Health ) on which Paul Dumdey and Marla Davis serve- several MAC supporters also on that Board, and others signed support cards.
  • 6/20 Discussion, AARP @ Brunswick Landing; planning under way- Charlie Priest, Sreve Loebs, and Dr Dan Wood were panelists with Bill
  • 6/21 Maine Nurse Midwives Annual Mtg. Susan K discussed why Universal Coverage, publicly funded should be Important to Nurse Midwives)
  • 6/25 House Party @ Arford- 18 attended- went well. Poppy says she learned “Just Do It” (easy and fun.)
  • Marla met w Am Nurse Assoc- Maine, and Marla submitted an article for their journal.

(Participating, not sponsored by Chapter)
2/1: HCHR group: Gubernatorial Candidate Forum, Augusta
3/27 Rockland UU Church (film/discussion)
4/8 Sagadahoc Cty Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Forum
5/18-19 Democratic Convention, Lewiston. (Tabling)
8/6 Brunswick Peace Fair
11/10 Alliance for Economic Democracy (Workshop, Augusta)