October 21 2018 Downeast Minutes

MAC DownEast Chapter
Minutes for October 21 meeting

[Attendees: Jeff Milliken, Lynn Cheney, Kevin Ross, Ruth Ryan, David Jolly, Kevin Hunt, Randy and Peter Neblett, Caroline Werth, Ted Fletcher, Joe Lendvai, Anne Hayes-Grillo, Robert Grant, Carol Mathiesen, Bonnie Preston, Liz Solet, Betsy Braunhut. Minutes: Ruth Ryan]

Review and Approve September Minutes (Kevin)

Decided to accept proposal for a steering committee and Lynn as Board liaison for MAC
Minutes approved

Brief Discussion of news items

Lynn mentioned a NYT(10/21)opinion article about Medicare for All and messaging of that effort. The online version contained a link to the VT experience.

Jeff apologized for missing the Fall Festival at Mainescape.

BDN had article mentioning the Alexanders and their problems w current medical system.

Treasurer’s report:
Kevin holds 28$

Election Day Tabling—strategy, planning, materials (Jeff)

Jeff five town captains present at the meeting. He brought boxes of name tags, 6 plastic 8×11 holders, yellow cards, palm cards for those unsure of their support, etc. BH polling station experience has been very supportive of tabling, but only one sign two chairs and one table are allowed. Set up where they allow you to setup.
The only issue he knows about that there are insufficient volunteers.

Reminded that the Maine State dept sent a memo allowing MAC to table subject to some retrictions.

Surry is very welcoming.(Ted Fletcher)Sedgwick needs more volunteers.(Carolyn) S/DI said no tabling because of confusion, potential, between ballot issue 1 and MAC.

Lynn- MAC was not approached by the proponents of the ballot 1 initiative. MAC Board is split about the support of ballot #1..  Ballot 1 may harm the progress because of the financial impact.

During tabling we should just say MAC does not have a position. Outside the tabling/polling area it is fine to express your personal opinion. 

MAC State Board Report (Lynn)

Met 10/4 w many calling in. Sen. Geoff Gratwick reported on the Legislative Healthcare Task Force progress. There is agreement that the study should continue and funding will be sought to provide consulting and actuarial support. Proposal to rename the Joint Standing Committee on Insurance & Finance to “Health, Insurance & Finance.” Proposal for legislation to regulate pharmacy benefit managers as well as legislation to enhance healthcare spending data collection. Purchasing wholesale drugs from Canada was considered, but decided to wait on the outcome of VT’s bill. Bylaw Changes: change of board terms, board members at 75% subscribed to the 25k commitment.

MAC Website Review
Demonstration of MAC website

Lynn – Home “who we are”
            Learn More button – mission, vision and FAQ PDFs.
            Review of the FAQ information. These responses were board approved
            Access to other states’ all care sites.     
            Re-enforced need for each person to explore the site and information.

New member (?) asking about individuals on Medicare  and the impact of universal care on people who are already covered under Medicare. Basically people afraid of loosing their care -transition of care question. We explained that there are still a number of questions about structure and the transition, but that someone on Medicare will not loose coverage.

Liz suggested the topic of care transition as a topic for education.

Data Entry Party

Group getting together after the election to enter yellow card data collected during tabling.
Sunday 11/11 at Jeff’s house 150 Curtis Cove Rd. E. BH at 4pm
   (bring laptops and chargers)
Will need to send a note to Chris and Abby for sign-in to Nationbuilder.(Ruth to email)

(Card legibility – read the card while signer is there to confirm name and email address)

New Member Packets

Lynn created packets w MAC information.

November Meeting Agenda Discussion

Tabling report
2019 event planning and type of events
Election report- call Phil Bailey about election results impact (Ruth)(Education idea)
Education – Options being discussed on the Federal level
Braining storming for educational segments
Financial report about Universal Care viability – report due in November so report in December.
Meeting date: November 18, 2018
Meeting time: 4-5:30 PM
Meeting location: Blue Hill Library, Howard Room

Education segment: start at 5 pm

MN messaging video