Oct 25 2017 Portland Minutes


October 25, 2017, 7 PM



Members present: Dan Bryant, chair, Elizabeth Oatley, scribe, Diana (Dee) Cundy, Ed Cundy, Beth Franklin, Ann Morrill, Robert Morrill, Marjorie Rosenbaum. David Scotton

Guests: Bryan Funk (Statewide Fundraiser)

1 – Called to order at  7:10 & introductions

2 – Approved minutes of Sep.27, 2017 with thanks to Elizabeth Oatley for volunteering

3 – Recent chapter actions/involvements

  • 10/3 Presentation to South Portland/Cape Elizabeth Rotary by Chuck Radis-No report
  • 10/6 First Friday Portland-No report. We discussed our messaging, how to make that first contact really pointed and succinct.
  • 10/13 Westbrook Now Is the Time screening-No one came and we considered why not. Is the movie dated? Maybe because it was a Friday. Maybe because the ACA repeal was no longer on the top of the national news. Elizabeth suggested that having a politician on the panel in the future might stimulate attendance. Beth extended that idea by suggesting that we could organize a candidates’ forum in the future.
  • 10/17 Maine Public Health Association meeting-No report
  • 10/18 NITT screening in Limerick-No report
  • 10/25 Portland Press Herald Breakfast Business Forum-Beth reported. The panel was composed of insurance, legal, and business people and focused on the mechanics of health insurance and managing cost. Beth Franklin and Marilyn McWilliams were both attendees and spoke to the panel about MAC and spoke to several other attendees afterwards. Dan had tried to get us on the panel, but they said we’d have to be a “sponsor” and pay a fee.
  • Press Herald Letters to the Editor-Dan commended Dick Dillihunt, Chuck Radis, Ann Morrill, and Marjorie Rosenbaum
  • St. Joseph’s College-No report
  • SMCC-Dee reported that she sent a poster for 11/9 to the head of the nursing school

4 – Future chapter actions/opportunities

  •      Now Is the Time screening at South Portland Community Center – Nov 9, 6-9 PM (setup at 6, doors open 6:30, film 6:45, panel 8-8:45, cleanup 8:45-9)
  1.      Publicity Review. Dan distributed posters and noted that he had also contacted the Southern Maine Workers’ Center and Maine State Nurses Association
  2.     Bryan suggested asking every member to come and invite several friends to come also. (We strongly encourage this.)
  3.      Welcome table with flyers, yellow cards, contribution envelopes, $5 suggested donation-Dee & Elizabeth
  4.      Panel – Marilyn McWilliams, Delene Perley
  5.      Fundraising – Bryan Funk will do the “ask” after the panel and have laptop for credit card donations
  •      Election Day tabling– Chris Cayer/Abbie Ryder have scheduled many volunteers at many locations in Greater Portland and around the state. Marjorie noted that the Scarborough Clerk had refused to allow it. Beth responded that Chris had checked and found that refusal was not legal.
  •      Business endorsements – Beth reported that the Board and chapter leaders are having a retreat this Sunday at the Maine Medical Association building in Manchester to work on messaging. This link lists business owners statewide: <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dMdhm6vooYraFas8xtvmI8dQtfBndmZKMSg2NocmxJM/edit#gid=368058482>
  •      12/12 “Scones Group”-Dan reported. They are business people who meet weekly at Aurora. Phil, Marilyn and Bryan will attend. Dan suggested we might want to become members of the Portland Chamber of Commerce
  •      Chapter Chairs-Dan reported that Chris Cayer does a monthly conference call
  •      House parties-Bryan reviewed process and will send us a sheet of directions
  •    Fundraising-Bryan demonstrated the peer-to-peer on-line fundraising platform. This link takes you to the page where you can create your own fundraising page: https://www.classy.org/campaign/healthcare-for-all-maine/c138689

After you create your (very simple, very easy) page you can send its link to all your friends and family. You can look at Dan’s page (in progress) at <https://www.classy.org/fundraiser/1173680> to see an example. Dan questioned availability of funds to buy our own projector.

5- PNHP – A short, powerful YouTube video – Health Care: We Can Fix It can be viewed at <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzsM8mRA_Lo>

6 – Next meeting – Tuesday, Dec. 5th, 2017 at Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist church, 7 PM.

We adjourned at 8:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Oatley