October 21 2017 Bangor Minutes

MAC Bangor minutes 10/21/17

Members present: Andrew Sarto, Larry Dansinger, Tim Burns, Nate Shea, Carole Bodnar

Treasurer’s Report – no checks written, same amount of money

Common Ground report: main focus is to get the yellow cards, it was successful

Movie in Waldo county (Now is the Time) report: successful, one person who was very vocal about not trusting government, handled appropriately – reported by Art Shea – chair of Waldo County chapter

Nursing program at Umaine, Husson for next movie events? Nate will continue to pursue contacts through Umaine Nursing program

House party at Bill Wood’s home – planning event, activities – Bryan Funk should be involved as well as Bill. What are the arguments to those folks who are anti-government? Carol – other countries have made it a moral argument to pass it.  Tim will contact Bryan – Tim also agreed to host a house party.

Japanese have 7 times more office visits, smoke like “hell” and still have a longer life expectancy than Americans. – Andrew

In regards to movies/events: Some people will argue that they don’t trust the govt, can’t be swayed no matter what. Best to not put too much energy into trying to persuade them.

Tabling for Maine AllCare at polls, we are supporting Yes on 2

There should be tables available for tabling at polls, info and cards also according to Tim who spoke to Chris. Nate and others already have some info.

Messaging towards media – if proposals come out saying that we are bailing out the insurance companies because of ACA subsidies, we could reply saying we want to end the subsidies by covering everyone. Radio show WZON, other media Larry is willing to contact

Send out e-mail about the retreat, ask for volunteers for media community– Nate (ask Larry) Larry, Andrew, ask board members – local media contacts, ask for someone come to our next meeting. Nate will talk to those in board about press releases/collaboration

Send out link to folks for the election day tabling

Andrew: Maybe we should have a rally for Universal Healthcare? Larry: Maybe build towards that as we hold more events and get a lot of public support.

  • Can we get an opt-out box for volunteers that don’t want to be contacted on yellow cards? Question for Chris Cayer

Nov 11th – 8:30am next meeting. Same place – Central Meeting House, Bangor.