November 24 2018 Bangor Minutes

Bangor Maine AllCare Minutes
November 24 2018

Attendees: Geoff Gratwick, Andrew Sarto, Larry Dansinger, William Diggins, Marj Lawrence, Gladys Merritt, Catherine Foxson, Jeffrey Graham

-New BMAC chair: Andrew Sarto

-Treasury $215.35

-Summary of Maine AllCare for newcomers

-Discussed canvassing, business canvassing and the direction of our local chapter
need to have Chris Cayer give us some more direction in regard to the above.

-Try to arrange to present “expanded Medicare” to the Chamber of Commerce.

-Task Force in the Maine Legislature recommendations:
regarding efficiency of insurance companies…no progress
regarding bargaining for decreased drug prices…some progress
A new Healthcare and Insurance Committee WAS established probably starting January and will be an ongoing and funded committee from here on

-Our message: use “premium” instead of “tax” avoid “single payer”
Use: “universal healthcare”, “all Mainers have healthcare” and “healthcare is a right”

-Suggestions from the individuals at the meeting:
Larry: look at the fact sheet, build a list of resource people and connections
Gladys: people don’t get what they need; elicit testimonials
Marj: most progress will need to wait until Trump is gone
Gladys: promote education
Bill: get advice from Maine AllCare organizers
Jeff: Give presentations to students in the healthcare professions
Geoff: solicit new active members, discuss the practical approach here in Maine in January

Next meeting: December 15 2018 9AM Bagel Central Bangor