Medicare for All: The Social Transformation of US Health Care

The destructive influence of profit-driven health care on patients and caregivers, especially when it is of the industrial scale found in the United States, is of fundamental importance to understanding much of the dysfunction of the American health care system.  It is too often ignored in the public discussions of health policy.

by Peter Arno and Philip Caper – Health Affairs – March 25, 2020

Peter S Arno

There is a large elephant in the room in the national discussion of Medicare for All: the transformation of the US health care system’s core mission from the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness—and the promotion of healing—to an approach dominated by large, publicly traded corporate entities dedicated to growing profitability and share price, that is, the business of medicine.

Philip Caper

The problem is not that these corporate entities are doing something they shouldn’t. They are simply doing too much of what they were created to do—generate wealth for their owners. And, unlike any other wealthy country, we let them do it. The dilemma of the US health care system is due not to a failure of capitalism or corporatism per se, but a failure to implement a public policy that adequately constrains their excesses…..

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