May 31 2018 Greater Brunswick Area Minutes

5.31 Minutes, Greater Brunswick Area Chapter, Maine AllCare
5:30 – 7 PM, Unitarian Universalist Church, Brunswick, Maine


Many chapter members who are willing to work / volunteer cannot attend meetings (or don’t like meetings- we understand!).  Consult “GET ACTIVE” at the top of meeting minutes, from now on. Details in minutes.


  • Table at primaries June 12
  • Table at Farmer’s Mkt- or other community event
  • Help out / attend the Peace Fair Aug 4. Design a “healthcare related activity” in which people could participate at the Fair.
    • Invite your friends to Poppy’s House P on June 25 (see below)
  • Agree to host House Party-Marla
  • Attend next LD1274 Study Grp meeting (prob Sept); Augusta
  • Sign up endorsers-biz or organization
  • Suggest a venue for a presentation/event
  • Suggest a person to serve on MAC Board


Present 5/31: Bill Clark, Jean Sawyer, Susan Kamin, Poppy Arford, Julie Pease, Gail Eaton, Bill Eaton

  • Introductions, agenda review
  • Review minutes, 4/26- no changes suggested


  • Com. considering 4 candidates for “exec” job (had 12 applications). Chris and Abbie will probably come back to work in July
  • LD1274 Study Grp: 5/23 mtg. (4/16 seats vacant.) Bill, Julie, Poppy attended, along with ~ 6 other MAC folks, and several of us spoke when invited. Committee went back to drawing board and discussed fashioning a year-end report that would reflect the LD1274 mandate to “explore 3 options for covering all Mainers”. Trish R suggested trying to find enough common ground to issue a “unanimous” report, rather than a report that summarizes differences among members. They discussed the submitted application for Federal waiver for a “reinsurance” program (would protect insurers from big unanticipated payouts, and could lessen steep premium rises.) They are still considering having Maine become a wholesaler for some Rx drugs. Chairs urged groups to work over summer- next meeting probably in Sept. 
  • HCHR Coalition: Active, but no events planned. SMWC very active on Paid Sick Leave issue. Next mtg is June 5.

Chapter work—pending- you can help!!

  • Poppy is organizing for a June 25 House Party, 6:15-8,- her niece from Sweden will speak about her recent delivery of twins; Julie will talk about MAC; desserts. PLEASE INVITE your friends! (we’ll send you the invite to pass along, soon)
  • June 12- tabling at primaries in Brunswick, Topsham, Woolwich. See email already sent for more details and link for signups. This is a key opportunity for MAC. Like election day- let’s do it right!
  • Farmer’s Markets: Help, Help! We need “lead person” for Tues Brunswick, Fri Brunswick and Sat Bath. Lead person will mange a Google sheet for signups and manage materials (table, chair, yellow cards, handouts, donations). Lead Person is organizer, not required to be present frequently- in fact, we will likely not be tabling at EVERY session- depends on who can help when.
  • Please help at the annual Brunswick PEACE FAIR, on Sat Aug 4.
  • Bill is working w Jane Secease to organize a “Senior College Forum” session at UMA in the fall.

Chapter work accomplished—brief reports:

  • Presentations at Bruns Dems, Bowdoin, Sag Bd Hlth went well (details below in box)
  • Susan Kamin’s House Party- ~15 people was entirely outdoors on a warm May evening, the band was great
    and enthusiasm palpable. Some signed yellow cards, and gave a little petty cash.
  • Dem Convention in Lewiston- With Portland chapt folks, we signed up ~225 supporters
  • Progress on goals (Goals in () )


Endorsers: (30 biz, 15 orgs) Since last mtg. Marla has a couple pending. No report from Rob, who was to check Rising Tide.

Sign up individuals: (285/1000). Gathered approx. 225 signatures in Lewiston at Dem Convention. !!

House Parties: (4/10) Susan (May 2). Poppy June 25; Debbie (summer)/ /Bill (TBD) will host soon.

Fund Raising No action


  • Marla and Poppy are working on rotary presentations– Please contact one of them if you are willing to make contact with a rotary rep and try to arrange a brief presentation/ event. Most Rotaries have weekly meetings, so they need speakers!! Bath   Noon Rotary (Tues), Bath Sunrise Rotary (1st/3rd Fri), Brunswick Rotary (Mon-Poppy has made contact), Rotary Club of Topsham (Mon 7am)
  • Go to FIXIT health to access the latest FixIt film, on Dark Money in Politics—it’s good.
  • Go to MAC website, and Clik on Maine News to read Dan Bryant’s VERY excellent PPH editorial on Portland Chapter’s Gubernatorial Candidate survey results. Good writing about politics of HC.

NEXT MEETING: JULY 26 Thursday 530, UUCB. Only ad hoc meetings in June & August. Then, Sept 27.  Stay tuned!