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Maine Healthcare Action suspends Resolve effort

Maine Healthcare Action announced in April that it suspended its campaign to put universal healthcare on the ballot in Maine.

“We are disappointed to have to end our campaign at this point in time,” said Bill Clark, MHCA board chair, “but we remain steadfast in our individual and collective commitment to make progress right here in Maine. This citizen-led effort laid the groundwork for future action.”

The MHCA Resolve, if passed by voters, would have directed the Maine Legislature to establish a publicly funded universal healthcare system for Maine. MHCA had collected more than 41,150 signatures from voters across all 16 Maine counties.

In an email to supporters, Clark thanked the hundreds of volunteers who gathered signatures as well as donors and all other supporters, noting that the need for universal healthcare in Maine is “undeniably evident.”

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Maine Health-Anthem dispute sparks legislative hearing, public commentary

The battle between Maine’s largest health insurer and largest hospital over billing, payments and networks shows why we need systemic change.

On April 28, the Maine Legislature’s Health Coverage, Insurance, and Financial Services committee held a public hearing on a dispute between Maine Health and Anthem that threatens the ability of hundreds of thousands of Mainers to get the affordable health care they need.

Maine Health announced in April that beginning January 2023 Maine Medical Center, a Maine Health facility, will no longer be part of Anthem’s coverage network. If this change comes to pass, Mainers who are covered under an Anthem insurance plan and receive care at Maine Med, aside from emergency care, will face higher out-of-network costs or need to seek care elsewhere.

Read Maine AllCare’s statement on our website.

The Portland Press Herald and Bangor Daily News published editorials on the issue.

Maine Public covered the hearing and highlighted the testimony of Karen Foster, MAC board chair.

Find links to more public commentary on our website and a recording of the hearing here.

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