May 12 2018 Bangor Minutes

Bangor Maine AllCare Meeting
May 12 2018 Bagel Central

Attendees: Geoff Gratwick, Jeff Graham, Larry Dansinger, Nathan Shea

-Maine AllCare Board Meeting Report
Looking for an executive director There are 8 applicants
Have $50K King grant to help fund position
Trying to establish the priority for the position: good fund raiser vs a good contracted manager vs someone who can help with the political influence of our group

-Can Maine Peoples Alliance help other groups such as ours who support items on their agenda. Geoff Gratwick will contact them to see if they can add our message to their canvassing or, at least, work together in some way

-Locally Our library event had a fair turnout. Belfast is holding an event the day of this meeting. Question how we can do this; how do they get the word out? Importantly, can we present to other local groups, possibly with a showing of one of our movies such as “Fix It”?

-Legislative Task Force Report (Geoff Gratwick) It is going better than expected. There are 16 members with varied backgrounds. They are focusing on three basic approaches: expansion of the current insurance system, decreasing costs, and a universal healthcare option. One goal expressed by Geoff was to form a joint select committee in the legislature which would be an established committee and be able to utilize the full resources of the legislature. The
importance of supporting choices in the November election that would be supportive of our cause was emphasized. (Especially the governor’s race)

-Referendum 2020 Should we push for a general referendum to ask the Feds for funding for universal care or push for institution of universal care here in Maine directly. A state-wide group is needed to do either.

-Small business concerns I talked with a couple of small business owners (Bangor Wine and Cheese (Bangor) and Bagley’s Greenhouse (Orono)) They had interesting viewpoints and concerns. One was very supportive. The other had serious concerns that our government could actually implement a functional universal healthcare plan. We also discussed attending or presenting at a Bangor Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Pride Festival June 23rd Larry Dansinger will contact them so we can get a table
Folk Festival decided it was not worth it for the cost
4th of July ?be in the parade
Primaries June 12th will man tables to gain support and have voters sign yellow cards
Bangor Maine AllCare Meeting
May 12 2018 Bagel Central

-Melissa Dunn from Southern Maine Workers Center wants to meet with one or more of us to talk about joint goals. She will stay in contact with Jeff Graham or Nate Shea concerning this.

-Data party was held at Tim Burns’ house and all of the data we have obtained to date was successfully put into Nationbuilder. We need more yellow cards, particularly before the primaries on June 12th

-Treasurer not present for a report
Next meetings: June 9th at 9AM July 14th at 9AM
Bagel Central Bangor Maine