March 29 2018 Greater Brunswick Area Minutes

3-29-18 Minutes, etc. Greater Brunswick Area Chapter, Maine AllCare

5:30 – 7 PM, Unitarian Universalist Church, Brunswick, Maine


Many chapter members who are willing to work / volunteer cannot attend meetings (or don’t like meetings- we understand!).  Consult “GET ACTIVE” at the top of meeting minutes, from now on.  Contacts are named, details in minutes (Bill can give you email addresses).


How YOU can help Maine AllCare cover all Mainers

  • Attend April 2 LD1274 Study Grp meeting; Augusta-Bill
  • Attend April 8 Maine Maritime Mus Dem Gubernatorial Cand Forum-Bill
  • May 18-19 Volunteer-tabling @Dem convention, Lewiston. 3 hr shifts-Bill
  • Sign up endorsers-biz or organization -Bill
  • Suggest a venue for a presentation/event-Bill
  • Table at Farmer’s Mkt- or other community event-Bill
  • Agree to host House Party-Marla
  • Suggest a person to serve on MAC Board-Bill

******************************************************************************************************Present 3/29: Bill Clark, Jean Sawyer, Bill Eaton, Gail Eaton, Debbie Brisbois, Marla Davis, Susan Kamin, Poppy Arford, Don Leaver, Rob Hoffman, Virginia Derr

  • Introductions, agenda review
  • Review minutes, 2/22- approved


  • New member, Dr. Tom Sterne; resigned, Marilyn Williams. RECRUIT!
  • STKF GRANT- $50K awarded- for economic studies, coordination! See website for announcement
  • 3/24: MPA endorses HCHR
  • LD1274 Study Grp will meet 4/2 and discuss results from meetings of 3 subgroups.  Highlights from the 3/2 meeting: MEMIC (public-privt cooperation), B. MUGARA (reinsurance), C. Rx drug imports from Canada,
  1. A very early announcement of a possible Maine AllCare “universal, unified” pub-priv plan: A non-political trust would receive priv insurance and employers’ HC “premiums”, Medicaid money. Trust determines all provider reimbursements (“standardized”) and pays them, using a simple billing form, in a timely manner. Importantly, employer and priv insurer participation is “voluntary” (thus passing the very important ERISA hurdle.) Incentive to funnel $ in this way is a sm % return on $’s funneled, generated by admin savings from the simplified system. (The trust might become a Medicare Advantage provider, and capture Medicare $ and participants in this way.) $$ needed to start up and fill in any gaps will be collected from some tax, possibly a flat, small (maybe 10-cent) “transaction” tax on every $ transaction in Maine (purchases, including gas, hotel, food, internet, etc)
  • HCHR Coalition: MAINE PEOPLE’S ALLIANCE signed up.

Chapter work:

Progress on goals (Goals in () )

Presentations (7/10): Since last mtg. Bill participated in Rockland, 3/27.  See Box for plans. (with pending, credit 7 toward goal) SEE TABLE/BOX BELOW FOR DETAILS.

Endorsers: (30 biz, 15 orgs) 3 biz last month.  Marla has a couple pending. Rob will check Rising Tide.

Sign up individuals: (50/1000). About 100 cards from caucuses in Woolwich, Topsham, Brunswick. About 50 were already in DB. (Credit 50 toward goal…)

House Parties: (3/10) Debbie (summer)/ Susan (May 2) /Bill (TBD) will host in coming weeks/ months (Susan will have the Ideal Maine Social Aide and Sanctuary Band present!!) (credit 3 toward goal)

Fund Raising

  • At suggestion from Marla, Bill will ask Board about making a YouTube video from Maine AllCare
  • Poppy wonders if MAC could invite Bernie Sanders’ show to Maine, Bill will ask Poppy to get some info.
  • We engaged very briefly in Role Play : respond to difficult Q’s with a reflection that invites conversation (start with “I hear you saying….”, leaving it up to the questioner to decide whether she wishes to talk further—- examples: …that you are worried that we cannont afford UHC; …that you’re worried about people who cannot pay; …that government cannot be relied on to do it right; ….that you really like your present coverage.
  • We agreed to pursue more of this “how to talk with ‘resistant’ questioner”, as time allows……


  • April 9
  • 4/14 Southern Maine Workers Center annual mtg; All invited, good food and fellowship.
  • Marla referenced A Gawande’s great article on HC as a Human Right. Oct 2 New Yorker
  • BRYAN FUNK Suddenly taken gravely ill, doing well now, but no insurance. Has GoFundMe site.
  • POLL: 12/17 The Commonwealth Fund Affordable Care Act Tracking Survey interviewed a random, nationally representative sample of 2,410 adults ages 19 to 64 between November 2 and December 27, 2017.

Do you think all Americans should have the right to affordable health care? 92% – Yes  7% – No  1% – Don’t know/Refused

  • POLL: February 15-19, 2018, West Health Institute/NORC,1,302 adults nationwide. Question: Would you favor or oppose a single payer healthcare system, in which all Americans would get their health insurance from one government plan? DEMS/REPUBS– Favor: 46/38 Oppose: 28/39 +/-: 24/22

 Next meeting:  4/ 26 (5/31 )Thursday 530, UUCB

Greater Brunswick Area Chapter Presentations, 2018. Goal-10
2/21 Discussion Grace Episcopal Church, Bath. 34 participants
4/4 Discussion Landing YMCA, Brunswick.
4/21 area psychologists, Marla D
5/1 Bowdoin College (details TBD, Senator King invited)
5/4 Sagadahoc Cty Board of Health
6/20 Discussion AARP @ Brunswick Landing
6/21 Maine Nurse Midwives Annual Mtg. CME session
(Participating, not sponsored by Chapter)
2/1: HCHR group: Gubernatorial Candidate Forum, Augusta
3/27 Rockland UU Church (film/discussion)
4/8 Sagadahoc Cty Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Forum