March 28 2018 Portland Minutes


March 28, 2018, 7 PM

Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church

524 Allen Avenue, Portland

Members present: Hillary Barter, Nancy Bogg, Audrey Briggs, Dan Bryant (Chair), Diana Cundy, Ed Cundy, Jaculin McCallum, Elizabeth Oatley (Secretary), Delene Perley, David Wilcock

1 – Introductions

2 – Minutes of Feb. 28, 2018 were approved

3 – Board update – Delene reported

Marilyn resigned from the Board for personal reasons. We wish her well and will miss her greatly.

Larry Kaplan has joined the Board and is doing some grant-writing.

Beth Franklin and Geoff Gratwick submitted and we have gotten a $50,000 grant from the King Foundation for 2 studies and salary for an executive director.

Abbie and Chris are interested but busy with rank-choice voting in the primary and won’t commit until after that.

Tom Sterne (new to the Board) and Dean Felton gave a presentation to the Board on March 1st  (No vote was taken.) and the Task Force on March 2nd about a concept to fund universal coverage that includes using a trust created from transaction fees and a surtax on physician fees which could be managed by an entity like MEMIC (Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Co.).

4 – Recent chapter actions/involvements

Health Care Task Force, March 2nd -There is a summary on our website.

Democratic caucus – March 4th. Dee & Ed and Nancy attended in Portland and said they didn’t have a good location but got about 35 signatures. Dan reported that Bonney Starbird (member of Portland chapter) attended in Lewiston and got a number of signatures. She was also asked to speak to the caucus about universal health care.

5 – Future actions/involvements:

Health Care Task Force – Next meeting is Apr. 2nd, 1:00-4:00, Rm 220 Cross Office Bldg. They will review the reports from the study groups. There will be no public comment, but we felt it was still important to maintain a presence. Ed will try to go.

“Health Care for All in America – Can We Ever Get There” – Trish Riley (Executive Director, National Academy for State Health Policy, and member of the Task Force) is presenting Apr. 10th, 9:30-11:30 at Hannaford Hall (OLLI). Nancy will go, perhaps also Dee & Ed and Hillary. One of Riley’s issues is the cost of prescriptions and importation from Canada. Nancy will call and see if we can table.

Healthcare is a Human Right Coalition (SMWC, MSNA, Maine AllCare) meets monthly Tuesday AM and would like someone from Maine AllCare to attend. Audrey will talk to Bill Clark for more information.

6 – 2018 Portland chapter goals

Signature Gathering

Democratic Convention is in Lewiston May 18-20. Dan is trying to contact someone about tabling.

Primary is June 12th. – Dee has gotten permission from Portland, but it’s on a first-come basis. They start at 7:00 AM. She will get a list of all Portland’s polling places and send it to Hillary who will set up a signup sheet. David and Audrey will table 7:00 at Falmouth. Delene will arrange for pamphlets. We’ll bring stuff to the April meeting to make into packets for all the 7:00 AM volunteers. We will try to staff 5 polling places and Dee will contact Chris to see which sites he recommends and if he still has any of the material he used in November.

Common Ground Fair, Sept 21-23 -The Board has paid for Maine AllCare to have a table in the social justice area and it also volunteered to give a talk every day.

Festivals- Hillary has been looking into it. So far Art in the Park doesn’t seem promising.

Fundraising – no report

Businesses – Northern chapters are doing great. Us?…. not so much.

Political candidates – Dan and Jan have developed a questionnaire to email candidates well before the primary. Jan has set up a gmail account for this purpose. We discussed how to involve the press.


Nancy reminded us that she has a contact at the Muskie Center and we discussed how/why/when we might use it.

May meeting will be May 23rd to prepare for primary.

7 – We adjourned at 9:00. Next meeting – April 25.2018, Allen Avenue UU Church, 7 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Oatley