Bangor Maine AllCare Minutes March 13 2018

Attendees: Nate Shea, Jeff Graham, Carol Bodnar, Larry Dansinger

Bangor Public Library event: Tuesday, March 13th, 6PM. Discussed and decided to show the 40 min version of “Fix It,” since we have only one presenter to date (David Green). We will confirm the reservation and advertise in the Weekly (Larry) Peace and Justice Center (Larry) and the BDN (Jeff). Nate will see if he can spread the news to UMaine Nursing School. Plan is for Nate to moderate and we will check to make sure we have a screen, DVD player and/or WiFi with connections to play the movie from YouTube if necessary.

Larry reported on the CD2 Candidate forum on healthcare issues (methadone, needle exchange, housing first, universal health care) The candidates basically agreed on most all of these issues.

Maine AllCare Board meeting: $38K in treasury new member of the board elected and hiring of an executive director was discussed. Grant writing for support was discussed

State Task Force has been renewed and subcommittees have been formed. Three approaches to the problem are being discussed

No treasurer’s report, Andrew not present

Next meetings:

April 14 2018 8:30 Bagel Central Bangor

May 12 2018 8:30 Bagel Central Bangor