Photo of Dr. Richard Dillihunt in grey suit, white shirt, and red tie.
Dr. Richard Dillihunt

On October 13, 2017, the Portland Press Herald published an important opinion piece written by Dr. Richard Dillihunt, a retired surgeon and longstanding, staunch advocate for universal health care. He has testified several times at the Maine State Legislature, most recently in May, on behalf of Rep. Heidi Brooks’s “Healthy Maine Act” to provide universal health care to everyone in Maine.

“Seventeen years ago, I wrote an op-ed for the Maine Sunday Telegram headlined ‘Universal Medicare: The time is coming’ (Nov. 19, 2000). Apparently I jumped the gun, as it has not taken place yet.

Now I feel like a cicada, an insect that looks like a huge fly, emerging after 17 years of hibernation under the bark of a tree and emitting unique and characteristic shrill buzzing sounds to attract attention to itself. Now the sounds come from independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The concern of our nation regarding health care for all is reaching a crescendo, and we need to address this. The resounding will of the people should be recognized and acted upon.”

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