Making the Case: The Need for Comprehensive Health Care Reform

In a May 31 opinion piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Drs. Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein, leaders of Physicians for a National Health Program, outline the need for–and benefits of–comprehensive, carefully designed health care reform.
“Halfway measures are politically attractive but economically unworkable. The $11,559 per capita that the United States spends on health care could provide high-quality care for all or it can continue to fund a vast health-managerial apparatus—it cannot do both.”

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Screenings of Fix It: Health Care at the Tipping Point, following by discussion, were held in Porter and Biddeford.
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June 26, Ellsworth, 11:30 am-1 pm: Lunch and Learn at the Moore Center with film showing of “Now Is the Time” and discussion.

July 21, Parsonsfield: Lobster Bake! Join Maine AllCare this summer for a day out in the foothills of the White Mountains. Come by early at 12:30 for a swim in a spring-fed, sand bottom pond. Tickets are only $30 and include live music, lobster & sides, and one raffle ticket to win a brand new Fat Tire bicycle. Sign up and purchase your ticket online today! Limited tickets are available.  Get yours now before they are sold out!

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Maine News and Voices: Health care reform in the Maine Legislature

On May 9 the Maine Legislature’s Health Coverage, Insurance, and Financial Services (HCIFS) committee held a public hearing on a slate of health care reform bills, ranging from specific focus to comprehensive reform. Thanks to YOU, more than 100 universal health care supporters attended, and dozens testified. Maine AllCare held a press conference before the hearing, with Senate President Troy Jackson, HCIFS Co-Chair Senator Heather Sanborn, and other legislators who recognize the need to reform our broken health care system.
On May 15 the HCIFS committee held a work session on these bills and voted to carry over four, including two comprehensive bills, LD 1617 and 1611, to the next session. The committee will work on the bills in depth, holding four public sessions between September and December. They plan to incorporate ideas from all of the bills and testimonies that were presented on May 9th.

Maine AllCare will keep you informed of the dates for the HCFIS committee’s public sessions.
Stay tuned for details!

Would you like to write a letter to the editor about healthcare for ALL? If you write, please send us a link. If you want help putting a letter together contact Dan Bryant at

National News: “Taking Medicare for All Seriously”

In a recent story on the Health Affairs blog, health policy consultant Jonathan Foley examines HR 1384, the Medicare for All bill put forth by Rep. Pramila Jayapal, with 112 co-sponsors.
“This bill is more than legislation by aspiration. The first ever Medicare for All congressional hearing took place on April 30, 2019, and gave prominence to Representative Jayapal, HR 1384, and Medicare for All as a feature of the health policy landscape. Although slimmer than the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) 2000+ pages (thank goodness), this bill outlines an entirely different way of organizing and financing health services for all Americans.”

Health care story: The growing problem of high deductibles, even for those with insurance through their employer

Rather than focus on one health care story this month, we’ll share a recent episode of On Point that looks at the rise of high-deductible insurance plans and the often devastating effects they have on lower and middle income Americans.
Guests are Noam Levey, a national health policy reporter with the Los Angeles Times, and Dr. Yousuf Zafar, associate professor of medicine and public policy at the Duke Cancer Institute.
Listen here, and also see links to further reading, including Noam Levey’s ongoing reporting: “High Deductibles Push Millions of Americans to Make ‘Difficult Sacrifices’ for Health Care.”
Do you have a personal health care story? We invite you to share your story with us at

Love data? We’ve got data: “Health insurance inflation hits highest point in five years”

From Modern Health Care, May 17, 2019, a look at health insurance inflation in recent years and the possible reasons behind it.
“Still health insurance profits have been on the rise. The eight largest publicly traded insurers posted net income of $9.3 billion in the first quarter of 2019, an increase of 29.9%. They made a combined $21.9 billion in profits over the course of 2018.”

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