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BELFAST- Legislators from around the state gathered in Waldo County to discuss various proposed bills that have to do with healthcare.

“We’re here to primarily listen to the people who have issues around healthcare” Representative Stanley Paige Zeigler, Jr. explained.

Waldo County residents were able to voice their concerns about healthcare with their lawmakers at a forum hosted by Maine AllCare

“I think it’s a basic human right. I think everyone should have the right to take care of themselves and to get people to assist them in taking care of themselves” one of the events attendees told us.

Maine AllCare is a non-profit that focuses on making affordable healthcare available to those who need it.

They’ve hosted forums similar to this in Brunswick and Portland.

“”70% of Republicans and Democrats feel we have a broken system and feel we need to do something much better” Art Shea, the chair of Maine AllCare’s Waldo County chapter said.

Senator Gratwick was one of the four legislators from across the state speaking at Thursday night’s forum.

“I’ve been very concerned about healthcare” Gratwick said. “Our system is very broken now. We can’t afford what we’re doing.”

Senator Gratwick discussed a bill that he plans to propose in the coming month.

He told us the proposal would focus on cost and access to healthcare.

“We’re not going to have a change in the healthcare system until people demand it” Gratwick added.

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