Letters from the voters

Dear Senator Collins,

I have submitted the following Letter to the Editor to the Bangor Daily News, the Ellsworth American and Penobscot Bay Press. I urge you to consider whether you are representing your Maine constituency when you support abolishing the Affordable Care Act.

Here is my story showing how private health insurance is not working for me and my family.

Clifton Page

The US Congress appears to be set on a path to abolish the Affordable Care Act and privatize Medicare regardless of the impact this will have on individual Americans. Here is an example of what your health insurance may cost if Congress proceeds with its plan and you are self-employed, have a job that does not include health insurance, loose your job with its health insurance benefits or retire into a world with privatized Medicare.

This year the private health insurance premium for my healthy family of five is $33,229.68. My wife and I are self-employed. Because we are selling assets to pay for the university education of our two eldest children we are not eligible for the Affordable Care Act subsidy. Our insurance policy is bare bones with a high $10,400 deductible. Premiums are calculated based solely on age. The premium costs per individual are $12,948.48 for me (62 years old), $10,050.48 for my 55 year old spouse, $4,506.96 for my 22 year old daughter and $2,861.88 each for my 20 year old daughter and 11 year old son. That’s before we start paying off our $10,400 deductible!

Based on the costs outlined above, what would your private health insurance cost if the Affordable Care Act is abolished or if Medicare is privatized? Will you be able to afford health insurance of any kind after Congress abolishes the Affordable Care Act and privatizes Medicare? Who is Congress representing when they move to abolished affordable health care and privatize Medicare? Hint: Not you or me!

Are you worried? Write Susan Collins and Bruce Poliquin, who both support abolishing the Affordable Care Act.

Clifton Page
East Blue Hill

Editor’s note: Maine AlCare categorically supports universal publicly funded health care. However, we applaud the writer’s call for responsible behavior on the part of Congress demanding “full and concrete replacement” before any repeal attempt of the ACA.