Letters from the voters – Running out of options for affordable health care

I couldn’t have been more shocked when I discovered, just recently, that thanks to our governor and his political antics, I will not be eligible for benefits under the Affordable Care Act.

Apparently, with an annual income of $8,000 and two children to support, I’m just too well off (and that doesn’t even count the money in the sofa cushions).

I realize that appealing to the governor’s conscience is a fool’s frustration, but what of the people of Maine? Is it their intention to react to Obamacare in the manner that the states of the former Confederacy have? To allow a bully to determine who’ll be treated like a human being and who won’t?

I spoke with a sweet woman at the Department of Health and Human Services, who apologized for Mr. LePage and noted that her benefits were also being truncated.

“They’ve got us right where they want us. The train wreck is coming, but we’ve been told to let it happen,” she said. “Five legislators turned their backs on us, and we’re getting asked a lot of questions we can’t answer.”

I used to think living in America was some sort of blessing, but lately, I’ve been looking for a way out.

Canada wants me to provide proof that I have at least $30,000 in my bank account before I’ll be welcomed in, and I don’t think I dare try Sweden after seeing the furniture at Ikea.

So if I get sick, I guess I’ll go to the hospital. And run up a bill. And not pay it. Like the governor wants.

The thing that worries me the most is that any country that needs me as its moral voice is in a lot of trouble. Guess I’ll go take my vitamins. An ounce of prevention is all I’ve got right now.

Douglas Antreassian
Published in the Portland Press Herald on September 2, 2013