Legislative Task Force Making Progress

Supporters have turned out in force for meetings of the Maine legislative Task Force on Healthcare in Augusta. They meet in the Cross State Office Building, 111 Sewall St., Augusta, Maine.

Three study groups are working. The composition of the groups is listed below:

Study Group Controlling Costs Study Group Public Options Study Group Structure of Health Insurance Market Study Group


Sen. Brownie Carson,

Rep. Paul Chace

Sen. Geoff Gratwick,

Rep. Bob Foley

Sen. Eric Brakey,

Rep. Anne Perry

Members Jeff Austin, Trish Riley, Mark Hovey Dan Kleban, Kevin Lewis Joel Allumbaugh, Kris Ossenfort, Frank McGinty

The Task Force has funding to continue with four more meetings during the 2018-2019 legislative session. Watch for more information as those dates and topics develop.

The charge of the Task Force is “to ensure that all residents of the State have access to and coverage for affordable, quality health care. It is the intent of the Legislature to study the design and implementation of options for a health care plan that provides coverage for all residents of the State.”

Our demonstration in May, 2017 urged the legislature to work on the issue of Universal Healthcare in Maine. The Task Force grew out of a Legislative Council, we’d like to think in large part because of our actions.

Co-chairs of the Council are Senator Rodney Whittemore and Rep. Heather Sanborn. Other members include Sen. Geoffrey Gratwick, Sen. Eric Brakey, Sen. Brownie Carson, Rep. Robert Foley, Rep. Anne Perry, Rep. Paul Chace and Kristine Ossenfort, Joel Allumbaugh, Jeffrey Austin, Daniel Kleban, Kevin Lewis, Francis McGinty and Patricia Riley. Senator Gratwick is also on Maine AllCare’s Board.