Maine AllCare has received a $50,000 donation from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation to fund financial feasibility studies and an Operations Manager.

Our chair, Dr. Henk Goorhuis, states that half of the money will fund two studies to examine the feasibility of this approach in Maine. As well, the all-volunteer Board will hire a director to help coordinate its outreach.

MAC has ten chapters from Oxford to Hancock counties and Penobscot to Cumberland. Additional chapters will be established to increase awareness, education and communication throughout the state. If you would like to begin such a chapter, let us know!

The King Foundation was started by writers Stephen and Tabitha King and donates to organizations and community-based initiatives in Maine that often do not have easy access to resources or funding.

Thanks to Beth Franklin, Vice Chair of MAC, Geoff Gratwick, Board member and State Senator, and Dr. Bill Clark, leader of the Brunswick Chapter for their work on this application. Dr. Gratwick is working on the state legislative Task Force, currently exploring options for covering all Mainers. As well we continue our efforts in the Health Care as a Human Right Coalition with the Maine State Nurses Association and the Southern Maine Workers Center.

We look forward to building our capacity to educate and help all Maine people have the healthcare they need while saving money.