Universal healthcare bill passes Maine House and Senate on party lines

LD 1045 is passed as amended, and proceeds to Governor Mills for her signature

The amended LD1045 establishes the Maine Health Care Plan to provide for all medically necessary health care services for all residents of this State. It also establishes the Maine Health Care Board to oversee planning and implementation of the plan.

The legislation will make the formation of the Maine Health Care Board contingent on the passage of enabling legislation in the U.S. Congress. It directs the Governor to appoint the 17-member board within 60 days of the passage of federal legislation. (Learn more about the proposed federal enabling legislation HERE.)

The committee also drafted a Joint Resolution addressed to Maine’s Congressional delegation and the leaders of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. The resolution states that “every person in the State should have access to affordable and high-quality health care”, and it urges Congressional support for the State-Based Universal Health Care Act. The draft resolution is awaiting approval from the Legislative Council before presentation to the full Maine House and Senate for a vote.

Read this detailed analysis of the public hearing on LD1045, which was written by freelance journalist Ezra Sassaman.

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More Maine towns pass resolutions in support of universal healthcare

The towns of Surry, Bar Harbor, Tremont, and Brooksville and Trenton have passed resolutions in support of universal healthcare, thanks to the efforts of many volunteers. These towns join Bangor, Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brunswick, Orono, and Penobscot.

Why do these resolutions matter?

“You have to start somewhere,” says Dr. Kathryn Bourgoin, who led the effort to get a resolution passed in Orono. “Then when it reaches the state level, it makes it easier for legislators to vote yes.”

Read more about Maine AllCare’s efforts to gain passage of town resolutions

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National News

Record-Breaking Launch of the Medicare for All Act

One year to the date that COVID-19 was confirmed in all 50 states, Representatives Pramila Jayapal and Debbie Dingell introduced the Medicare for All Act of 2021 with a record 112 original cosponsors – up now to 114.

Read more here.

Rep. Ro Khanna reintroduces the State Based Universal Health Care Act

On June 8th, Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA), reintroduced the State-Based Universal Health Care Act. Recognizing the unique position of American states to lead the push for universal health care, Rep. Khanna’s bill provides states with historic access to federal funding streams and regulatory flexibility necessary to implement and support affordable, universal health care plans.

Read more here.

Jared Golden leads House Democrats on proposed Medicare expansion

U.S. Rep. Jared Golden signed a letter with more than 80 House colleagues urging President Joe Biden to lower the Medicare eligibility age, add dental and vision care and allow the federal government to negotiate drug prices as part of a forthcoming bill.

Read more here.

Unfortunately, Rep. Golden has backed off from his support for Medicare for All, and has yet to join his Maine colleague Rep. Pingree in co-sponsoring the State-Based Universal Health Care Act.

Please contact Rep. Golden today to urge his support for the State-Based Universal Health Care Act, and to renew his previous support for Medicare for All.

The conservative case for universal healthcare

This 2017 article by New York attorney Chase Madar remains relevant today.  Mr. Madar forecasts: “…within five years, plenty of Republicans will be loudly supporting or quietly assenting to universal Medicare. And that’s a good thing, because socializing healthcare is the only demonstrably effective way to control costs and cover everyone. It results in a healthier country and it saves a ton of money.”

Read the full article here

Voices of Maine

In a letter to the editor published in the Ellsworth American in May, Maine AllCare supporter Starr Gilmartin writes about her efforts for universal healthcare:

“The pandemic has laid bare the harsh realities of our current for-profit health care system. Besides my own personal and professional story battling this impersonal, complex and expensive system, I was further compelled to work on the issue of health care when the pandemic exposed the many failures of our current system of accessing and providing health care in our country….”

Read more letters to the editor on our website

Write a letter to the editor in support of universal healthcare. Check out this guidance on how to write an effective letter–and why they are so important. Please send us a link if your letter is published.

Call to Action

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