June 20 2018 Kennebec Chapter Minutes

Kennebec Chapter Maine All-Care Minutes of Meeting June 20th 2018

Attending: Carl Stoddard, Ron Senecal, Fran Senacal, Stacy Jacoben (sp.), Alan Ross, Susan Manning (minutes)

Tabling at the polls on June 12, 2018 seven people were able to gather 416 yellow signature cards. These cards were signed by Mainers interested in and supportive of Maine All Care.

Fran announced Phil Bailey will be the new executive director of Maine All Care.  Chris Cayer and Abby Ryder will be field directors. Chris Cayer will be at our next Augusta chapter meeting which will be on Wednesday, July 18th.

Our chapter’s minutes from May 16th, 2018 were read by Alan and we accepted them.

We discussed the location of our meeting, noting that there is rent involved.  Stacy pointed out that the location is not handicapped accessible.  Alan offered his office as a choice if we would like to change locations.  We decided to wait and make a decision next month when we have input from Chris Cayer.  We collected money for the rent of the Drew House which Fran had paid out of her pocket for June and July.

Fran said she is willing to be the leader of the Augusta chapter if we understand she goes away for two months in the winter.

She would like a co- leader so she can hand over the duties when she goes to Florida in January and February. We will discuss this further with Chris at our next meeting.

We need someone to do data entry.  Maybe we can all do it together some time.

We were impressed and excited by Fran’s description of the Task Force on Health Care Coverage For All of Maine.  Fran and Ron attend these task force meetings and will continue to bring us news from the meetings.

Carl brought to our attention the book by T. R. Reid The Healing of America.

We discussed the various ways we can get our message for universal care out to the public.  Carl suggested doing a showing at Pecha Kucha.  He also suggested showing our chapter’s films at Vassalboro Friends Meetinghouse and Stacy suggested showing them at Lithgow Library.  Susan suggested and will look into tabling at Farmers Markets.  Susan will pursue the Lithgow venue also.

Fran and Ron are doing a House Party for Maine All Care some time in July.  They will also continue to do “sign ups” at the car shows they attend. Fran will contact Andi Parkinson regarding the list of groups who may be interested in working with us.

We discussed the great success of the Belfast’s chapter of Maine All Care in putting on the Spring Launch Party.

The next meeting of the Kennebec Chapter of Maine All-Care will be Wednesday July 18th at 5:30 to 7:00pm at the Drew House, next door to the Unitarian Universalist Church in Augusta.