June 17 2018 Down East Minutes

Maine AllCare Down East Chapter
6/17/18 meeting minutes
Blue Hill Library, 4 – 5:30

Attending: Betsy Braunhut, Lynn Cheney, Liz Solet, Diana Page, Oscar Ruiz, Bonnie Preston, Kevin Ross, David Jolly, Jeff Milliken, Joe Lendvai, Phil Caper, Ruth Ryan, Caroline Werth, Betsy Armstrong. Minutes: Liz Solet

Approve May minutes Lynn Cheney Motion to accept minutes; second; passed.
Treasurer’s Report Lynn for Kevin Hunt $1055.44 in DE chapter funds, held by state MAC—stock dividends given at end of 2017 for our use.

Have purchased materials (pop-up tent, projector, dvd player, etc.); total $1050.

State MAC Board report Phil Caper Decided to hire Phil Bailey as ED and Chris Cayer and Abby Ryder as field organizers (for at least 8-9 months). Karen Foster lead hiring—very successful.

Discussion of policy committee’s activities. Changing mission? Spirited discussion, end result = No. New rack cards (shared). Use single-payer in messaging? No; decided it’s not productive to use the term. Some pushback from a chapter—Phil will respond to.

Report on Bucksport and Penobscot events David Jolly, Jeff Milliken, Lynn Cheney Penobscot Democrats Fix It showing: 18-20 attendees, including 3 candidates for public office (Mike Reynolds, Natalie Arruda, Beverly Uhlenhake).

June 12 primaries in Bucksport: 250 yellow cards signed; many who did not, did want to engage in dialogue—biggest reason was not wanting to pay for someone else’s care.

Had first table after exit from polls. Does location matter? Yes.

Compelling personal stories heard from people who supported MAC. Asked some if they’d be willing to have their story recorded and passed their info to Lynn.

Kevin Ross can work with video footage once gathered.

To get new yellow cards entered to NB: at Lynn’s house, Tuesday, June 19, 4 pm. Bring a laptop. OR Take cards with you to enter (if you have done it before).

Report on new Communications Working Group Ruth Ryan Purpose: to expand and focus on how to communicate with people about MAC, Downeast chapter, and get more people within the chapter engaged in the chapter’s work. How to fulfill MAC mission of public education.

First step: Summer party! For all who’ve expressed interest in chapter. Sunday, July 22, 1 pm. At Joe and Sharon Lendvai’s house in Brooklin. May need volunteers to make follow-up calls. Will include ways for people to sign up for various volunteer opportunities.

Next steps TBD.

Review of Maine AllCare Messaging All MAC mission statement read.

Connected to discussion of Mission at last board meeting. Note that single-payer not used in messaging worked on in Fall 2017 and finalized in early 2018.

Use (Improved) Medicare for All? Hook to get people talking. Can have negative connotations. Medicare is widely but not universally popular. Don’t have to explain—generally recognized. If people object to Medicare, we need to be able to refute.

Upcoming events (see list below) Lynn Fishermen’s Day in Stonington, Sunday, July 15: Will hold regular chapter meeting in Stonington, not at BH library. All chapter members invited to participate in Fishermen’s Day. Sign-up sheet circulated.
New Toys!

Intro to new projector, dvd player, speaker, tripod, screen

Lynn Walked through set up and operation of new event tools. Very effective and user friendly.

Liz will write up detailed instructions for review.

“Parking Lot”
  Reach out to ME Municipal Assoc.? (Many municipalities and organizations offer health insurance through MMA).
Recommended reading/listening Democracy in Chains (book), and Jim Hightower reports on efforts to end popular democracy.


UPCOMING EVENTS Date & Time Organizer Notes
Downeast MAC meeting—at Fisherman’s Day Sunday 7/15  
St. Francis Fair, Blue Hill Sat. 8/11  




What will get done? By whom? By when? Notes: Status:
Set up monthly donation to MAC All Before next meeting If financially feasible; can be any amount–$5/month helps.
Seek business endorsements As noted in BH CoC list Before next meeting Can also go to businesses not on the list!
Write up detailed instructions for use of new equipment Liz Before next meeting


Next scheduled meeting:

Sunday, July 15, at Fishermen’s Day in Stonington

Meeting adjourned 5:30 pm