January 2020 News

Historic sea change in physician support for universal health care

In a report published on January 21, 2020, in the Annals of Internal Medicine, The American College of Physicians endorsed structural health care reform to achieve universal healthcare via two potential paths–a single-payer system or a publicly funded option offered alongside regulated private insurance. The report, “Envisioning a Better US Health Care System for All: A Call to Action by the American College of Physicians”, is free and available on the Annals of Internal Medicine’s website.

“The ACP’s detailed review of the current for-profit system—even with some of the improvements resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—found that ‘too many Americans are uninsured or underinsured’ and that current spending is ‘high and unsustainable’—especially as other developed nations show their ability to achieve better or similar outcomes for less while offering universal, government-guaranteed coverage to all.”

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) from a Navigator’s perspective

“I became a volunteer ACA Navigator in 2014 and have worked with hundreds of people in the Blue Hill Peninsula over the past six years. It has been a privilege to do this and a great satisfaction to help people obtain health care coverage. However, I am acutely aware that the ACA is moving farther away from its goal of providing universal, affordable health care.”

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Maine Letters and Opinion

A December 3, 2019, letter by Joshua Gear, MD, in the Portland Press Herald lays out the inequities of our current health care system, how the Affordable Care Act has failed to rein in costs and cover everyone, and why structural health care reform is needed.

“Denying access to health care is tantamount to blocking that access to fire protection or educational opportunity and should be considered no less cruel or uninformed. And it is no less devastating to individuals, families and communities.

Our fire departments and schools are funded by tax dollars for very good reasons. Why aren’t our health care services?”

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Real lives, real stories

Maine playwright facing traumatic brain injury, and out-of-control medical bills

In April 2018, Callie Kimball suffered a devastating head injury in a freak accident. Fortunately, she is recovering. Unfortunately, she has had to create a GoFundMe page due in large part to medical bills.

She writes: “I hate that we live in a country where fundraising for medical bills is so normalized, and I resisted doing this for as long as I could, but here’s the thing, I’ve been charging my rent for this whole year. I have outstanding medical bills that I don’t know how to pay for that go into tens of thousands of dollars.”

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Love data?

A study published on January 15, 2020, in PLOS Medicine compared cost analyses of 22 single-payer plans at the national or state level, from across the political spectrum

Their findings included:

“Nineteen (86%) of the analyses estimated that health expenditures would fall in the first year, and all suggested the potential for long-term cost savings. … The largest savings were predicted to come from simplified billing and lower drug costs. … The researchers concluded that ‘there is near-consensus in these analyses that single-payer would reduce health expenditures while providing high-quality insurance to all US residents.'”

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