January 6 2018 Bangor Minutes

Bangor Maine AllCare Chapter Minutes
January 6 2018 Bagel Central Bangor

Attendees: Andrew Sarto, Tim Burns, Carol Bodnar, Larry Dansinger, Nate
Shea, Jeff Graham, Geoff Gratwick

-Plan to celebrate the Bangor Maine AllCare Chapter’s one year anniversary in March

-Plan a discussion or panel on a Tuesday night at the Bangor Public Library
late March or early April (March 27 or April 10,17,24) We hope to invite one or
more of the following: Angela Daley (UMaine), one or more of her graduate
student, Henk Gorhuis (Maine AllCare), David Green (acquaintance of Geoff
Gratwick familiar with healthcare systems in the UK and Canada). Andrew
Sarto will check on available dates at Bangor Library. We would plan to
advertise and invite the public to this discussion. Also would extend
invitations to the Peace and Justice Center and the association of Student

-Geoff Gratwick reported on the Maine AllCare board meeting. Maine AllCare
is doing well financially: $60K in 2016 $80K+ in 2017. There is a plan to put in
for grant money with the King Foundation, Betterment and Bingham
foundations. Membership has increased substantially from about 4K
members to 25K members this year.

-The Healthcare Task Force is meeting in Augusta 4 times this year. There are
16 people on the panel with 8 legislators and 8 professionals. The next
meeting is on Monday Jan 22nd 9:30-4 with public comments from about
1PM on. The following meeting with be Friday March 2nd.

-Work on obtaining support from and educating local businesses
Consider joining the local Chamber of Commerce as a 501c3 member

-There is a CD2 meeting at Downeast School on Feb 16th

-Carol Bodnar will manage our Facebook presence local and state-wide.

-Access to Nationbuilder discussed. No one present at our meeting was able
to sign on or access this to add supporters/members/volunteers

-Treasurer’s report $201.75 in our account locally

-Next meeting February 10th 2018 8:30 AM at Bagel Central Bangor