Welcome new board members and president

The Maine AllCare Board of Directors welcomed two new members in late 2021, Chloe Maxmin and Ted Sussman. Karen Foster, one of MAC’s founders, stepped into the role of board president beginning January 1, replacing Henk Goorhuis, who continues as vice president.

Chloe Maxmin is the youngest woman to serve in the Maine Senate and is also an organizer with JustME for JustUS. She was elected to the Maine House of Representatives in a historic 2018 campaign, the first Democrat ever elected in her rural district.

“In Maine, this conversation is not just about affordability but access. If healthcare is a human right, it has to be both affordable and accessible. That is why I am working with Maine AllCare.”

Ted Sussman, MD MACP, has practiced in Houlton for 42 years, running his own practice and then transitioning his practice to a rural health clinic. He served on the board of the Maine Health Access Foundation.

“The present healthcare system doesn’t work for Maine. Only universal coverage will correct fundamental problems with access and equity.”

Karen Foster was one of Maine AllCare’s founders in 2010 and rejoined the board in 2020. She served in senior management positions with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maine prior to becoming an independent consultant specializing in nonprofit organizational structure, planning and governance.

“If we can help move our state toward a system of high-quality, accessible and affordable health care for everyone, we will be a healthier and more equal society. That’s a cause I believe in.”

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Here are some of the things we’re reading and talking about:

“Expensive,” “broken,” “unfair”

West Health’s 2021 “Healthcare in America” report explores results from a national survey of Americans’ healthcare views and experiences with an increasingly broken system.

Maine residents struggle to afford healthcare

Closer to home, a survey of Mainers done in October 2021 showed similar struggles and concerns with healthcare affordability.

Shifting views

In a New York Times opinion piece, libertarian Ross Douthat describes how a mysterious illness changed his views on healthcare and of “the patient as a cost-sensitive consumer.”

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