Editor’s Note: Maine State Senator Troy Jackson speaking to the Legislature on May 20, 2013; the crux of the speech is his personal story about a young friend and fellow lumberman who died for lack of health insurance. It is a simple and heartfelt argument for universal access to health care by everyone in Maine, regardless of age, gender, employment or ability to pay.

Please watch this legislator/workingman’s story and let us know what you think.

Editor’s Note: Pay more, get less – stories about the challenges of escalating health insurance costs
Maine people, both individuals and businesses, are struggling to pay for health insurance. As rates continue to escalate and coverage is reduced, more and more of us are coming to the conclusion that the only rational and fair alternative is a state-wide universal, non-profit single payer health care system.

We want to thank Maine AllCare intern, Emily Corinne MacDuffie, for her excellent work in producing these interviews. And special thanks to Charlene Post of Yarmouth and Rachel Reed of Auburn, Maine for sharing their stories. Other stories are in the works.