Where we are now

Maine AllCare’s goal—our goal—has always been universal, high-quality, and affordable health care for the people of Maine. We’ve supported legislation that would accomplish this as well as efforts to put the question to voters.

Earlier this year, the Maine Legislature passed LD 1045: An Act to Support Universal Health Care, which creates the Maine Health Care Plan. It became law without Gov. Mills’ signature in June. (We did this!)

But, the law will take effect only with the passage of federal enabling legislation. U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna re-introduced the State-Based Universal Health Care Act of 2021 (SBUHC) on June 8.

We’re exploring other avenues for putting LD 1045 into action as well.

And what we can do

1) Urge Rep. Jared Golden to support the SBUHC bill in any way he can. Rep. Pingree signed on as a co-sponsor of the bill but Golden has not so far supported it. The Maine Legislature also passed a Joint Resolution asking Congress to enact legislation to authorize states to obtain a state universal health care waiver. We need to tell Rep. Golden how important this is to us.

2) Help gather signatures to get a resolve on the ballot in Nov. 2022 to direct the Maine Legislature to create a universal health care plan for Maine. Maine Health Care Action needs your help to get the needed signatures.

Tabling at the polls on Nov. 2 is the single most important opportunity to gather signatures before the January 2022 deadline. Reach out to Maine Health Care Action to sign up to help.

Wondering why it’s still important to get these signatures, if we’ve already passed LD 1045?

We think of it this way: We now have two paths to universal health care in Maine. And, supporting both of these paths sends an even stronger message to the Legislature that Mainers want universal health care.

3) Share this message with at least five people

4) Contact Jared Golden again!

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Maine AllCare promotes the establishment of publicly funded healthcare coverage for all Maine residents. This system must be efficient, financially sound, politically sustainable and must provide benefits fairly distributed to all. Maine AllCare advocates that healthcare, a basic necessity, be treated as a public good, since it is fundamental to our well-being as individuals and as a democratic nation.

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