Waldo Maine All Care (WMAC) Minutes [Draft]

Feb 8, 2018
Abbott Room, Belfast Library

I. Announcements

  1.  Ann Marshall has resigned from WMAC, and as “Data Czar”. Art Shea will check
    with Ann and State MAC if there are any dbase “admin priviledges” that need to be
    passed on.
  2. WMAC Business Group House Party 3-15 6pm 49 Ocean St, Belfast, see attachment
    FMI: Paul Robie
  3. Open House May 12 6 pm Belfast Boathouse FMI: Jennifer Hill
  4. Data Entry session Feb 11 1pm Brooks FMI: Art Shea
  5. Erin Hrbig campaign house party March 6 at 6 pm 220 Upper Bluff Rd, Northport FMI:Karen Young and Paul Robie
  6. Petty Cash = $286.

II. Discussion

  1. Augusta Task Force (PR, KY, AS)
  2. Informational Resources: see attachments (PR, KY, AS)
  3. Outreach and Allies – American Academy of Family Physicians (KY), AARP/Maine
    Legislature Caucus on Aging (Jan Dodge)
  4. Group email sharing: see attachments (JD)

III. Decisions

  1. Acceptance with modifications of January minutes (Group)
  2. Approve Mike Ray using $175 ($100 fee + $75 refundable security deposit) of Petty
    Cash to secure Belfast Boathouse for May 12 event (Group)
  3. Next meeting 3-8 6:30 pm Abbot Room

Respectfully submitted

Mike Ray