February 28 2018 Portland Minutes


February 28, 2018, 7 PM

Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church

524 Allen Avenue, Portland


1 –  Members present: Nancy Bogg, John Brewer, Dan Bryant (chair), Jan Chapman, Diana Cundy, Ed Cundy, Beth Frnaklin, Bruce Moore, Elizabeth Oatley (secretary), Nancy O’Hagan


2 – Minutes: Accepted January 24th minutes


3 – Board update: Beth Franklin reported that they are meeting tomorrow to review the job description for an Executive Director; they’ve submitted 2 grants, one for a fiscal analysis (Friedman or other) and another for salary for Exec. Director. Beth remarked that big donors aren’t willing unless there is a strong indication it’s a winning issue. For that we’d need a poll which costs ca. $20,000. We currently have ca 25,000 supporters, impressive but we need more.


4 – Recent chapter actions/involvements

SMWC: Nancy reported that they were trying to anticipate people’s questions

SMWC/MSNA/MAC candidates’ forum: No report

PNHP Club at UNE (Biddeford): No report

Data Entry: People seemed to think it was nearing completion


5 – Future actions/involvements/opportunities

Health Care Task Force meeting – March 2: Several people are going. Sen. Gratwick

indicated they wanted more input on the impact to businesses and employment.

Health Care for All in America–Trish Riley, Executive Director, National Academy for State Health Policy, and Task Force member is speaking Tuesday, April 10, 9:30-11:30 AM, Hannaford Hall, $10 (OLLI): We have no plans. Riley is not taking any position at this time.

6 – 2018 Portland chapter Goals

  1. Letters to Sen. King: Dan got a (probably) mass email response from him. Sen. King is not currently supporting Sanders’ healthcare for all bill.

B- Signature gathering:

-Democratic Caucus. March 4, 1 pm, King Middle School: Dee, Ed & Nancy tabling

-Democratic Convention, May 18-20: Beth will contact them to see if we can table

-Primary June 12: Dee has asked and gotten permission from Portland but it’s on a first-   come-first-serve basis. She hopes Chris will be hired by then to help.


      –Other possible up-coming events:

6/1 Westbrook Together Days

6/8-17 Pride Festival

7/20-23 Yarmouth Clam Festival

7/28 Festival of Nations

8/11 Art in the Park (SoPo)

9/23-29 Cumberland Fair

9/21/23 Common Ground Fair

First Fridays: Wasn’t terribly productive last summer

? Farmers Markets


C-Funding (recurring): Beth reported that we now have ca 30-40 recurring donors, and emphasized that even small donations are very welcome.


D – Business contacts: We have gotten Ocean View, and Mark Swann of Prebble Street. John Brewer reported that Dr. Radis is speaking to the Rotary June 22nd.


E – Candidate Engagements: Maybe we could poll Cumberland Country legislative candidates. (Before the primaries only Towns will know who is actually running.) Jan will contact the Democratic chairperson and Dan the Republican for a list of candidates.


F – LTEs: Dee’s letter was approved but not printed. Discussed if we wanted to address gun violence as a health care issue. Decided to stay on single issue even though the CDC considers it a health care issue.


G –Presentations : Nothing upcoming


7 – Key Principles: Reviewed and discussed. Dan will resend as a Word doc.


8 – Next meeting – March 28, Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist church, 7 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Oatley