February 25 2018 Rockland Minutes

Maine AllCare Rockland Chapter February 2018 Chapter Meeting Minutes

2/25/18 2:00 pm at 236 Cedar St., Rockland, Maine

I.    Called to order at 2:10 by Mike Shunney. Present are Dave Maclurg, Norma Athearn, Dave Nougaret, Dean                  Felton and Mike Shunney. Snow and sleet weather affected attendance.

II.   Scribe volunteer for this meeting only – Dean Felton.

III.  Adoption of minutes from last chapter meeting.

IV.  Report on events, tabling, clip-boarding since last meeting:

a. Nov. 4, Gibbs Library in Washington, Mike attended the MAC sponsored film presentation of Fix it and                       joined 3 MAC board members to present a panel discussion and Q&A. Our chapter supplied the signage                       and educational materials as well.

b. Nov. 7, Rockland and Camden election polling places, 6 of our chapter members tabled at the polls and                         collected well over 100 yellow cards in addition to distributing a large amount of MAC educational                                  material  and answering a lot of questions.

c. Nov. 14, Rockland Maine Street business group morning meeting – presentations by Les Fossel and Mike                     Shunney, brochure distribution, yellow carding. Les delivered completed cards and Rockland chapter                           MAC materials to Chris Cayer, who still has them.

d. Nov. 17, our chapter held a data entry party, led by Karen Vellekamp, our Data Tsar, and we were joined by                Chris Cayer, Abbie Ryder, several chapter members and several MAC members from other chapters, for a                     total of about a dozen laptops clicking away entering data from over a hundred yellow cards into the                              database.

e. Norma and Karen continued to table at the Rockland U.U. Church on Sundays and scored another bundle                   of yellow cards.

f. Dec. 16, Mike met with new Belfast MAC chapter core group, in Belfast, to answer questions about our                          structure and operations so far. They are very willing to get together to plan and execute joint events and                     data entry parties.

g. Rising Tide Co-op, Damariscotta, Yellow Card collection box and brochures managed by Lauren Comstock.                 Yellow cards collected into Rockland chapter.

h. Video produced by Dave Maclurg – Posted on youtube and shared with statewide MAC – Interviews of local                people with direct experience of national healthcare systems or single-payer systems in other countries.                        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUj_S1ISiGM&t=1s & Also

i. MAC Policy Committee, Dean Felton, committee member, gave briefing on outline of
unique Maine hybrid system to be proposed to MAC committee next week, fine-tuned,
and then to Maine Legislative Task Force the following week.

j. Maine Coastal Senior College – Mike Shunney communicating with Paul Kando of Senior
College to design Senior College course for public education about MAC. Multiple week
course (4 to 8 weeks), free to the public and no charge to Senior College. Should have
schedule finalized for Spring semester.

V.  Opportunities for MAC outreach in March

a. Upcoming Democratic Caucuses – Rockland, March 4 at City Hall, 1:00pm. Norma and
Mike will table. Lincolnville – Dave N. will investigate and attempt to table if possible.

b. Coastal Senior College – Mike will firm up and coordinate Spring classes with Paul

c. Data entry party – Data Tsar Karen Vellekamp not present. Mike will contact and ask
Karen arrange and coordinate another data entry party in March to handle entry of at
least 100 yellow cards.

d. UU Church in Rockland – Norma will schedule a film presentation of “Now Is The Time”
and panel Q&A on March 29 (backup date March 27) from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. When
firmed up, will advertise in Free Press, church newsletter, on Mac website and poster in
local venues.

VI.  Next Chapter Meeting – Mike will initiate another doodle poll for March chapter meeting time
and date.

VII. Video viewing – We watched Dave M.’s video of testimonials of Healthcare Systems outside the
USA. Interviews with local Mainers that have had direct experience with working Universal
Healthcare Systems around the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUj_S1ISiGM&t=1s

VIII. Adjourned at 3:50pm.

Respectfully submitted by Mike Shunney 2/26/18