February 21 2018 Kennebec Minutes

Kennebec Maine AllCare Meeting, 2/21/18- Augusta UU Drew House, Augusta ME

Present: Marilyn McWilliams, Dr Alan Ross, Susan Manning, Andi Parkinson

Marilyn stepping in as interim organizer for tonight’s meeting, Andi acting as recording
secretary. The next meeting is scheduled for April 18 (5:30-7pm) at same spot. This is the first
Kennebec County Maine AllCare meeting of 2018; last one was in October 2017. Andi to seek
Augusta UU members who would like to join future meetings and be involved with MAC.

Statewide campaign updates:

Now over 22k supporters identified with over 50 businesses, organizations endorsing.

The executive director (ED) position and responsibilities has been written up; next step is to be
approved by the Maine AllCare (MAC) board of directors. Monies are available for this to be a
salaried position. Interviewing process will then start and ED hopefully named by May 1st.

Looking to add more board members, would like to add attorney to the team.

MAC now has liability insurance to cover events. Belfast chapter holding event at the boat
house, open to various nonprofits.

Messaging updates:

Work has been ongoing to ensure all chapters have consistent messaging. A retreat was
conducted and from that, development of a mission statement, list of principles, and a draft “Q &
A” handout. More concise messaging to come later. Andi has extra handouts of all materials for
future members in Kennebec chapter. Alan has all Kennebec DVD copies for sharing.

Website is maineallcare.org  with links to all of the various chapters, meeting minutes, calendar
and more. Collected stories from supporters, news, and resources are available for sharing.

Legislative task force updates:

Two Legislative Health Care Task Force meetings have been conducted at the State House
with the next one scheduled for March 2nd. Senator Geoff Gratwick (D-Bangor) is close to
getting task force members to allow MAC to speak for about 15-20 minutes at the next meeting.
Andi will record the testimony and provide links to the uploaded YouTube video.

Seeking business supporters:

MAC actively soliciting business support within communities, with forms available for those who
wish to endorse. The long and growing list of names of those businesses who have already
endorsed are available on the website. Development of a “Business Benefits” page is ongoing.
Among business owners being courted for support currently are Adam Lee and Jim Wellehan.
Starting to build relationships with Maine Municipal Association and Maine Hospital Association.

Susan suggested MAC reach out to Maine Calling as to raise public awareness.

Volunteer work:

MAC has team members tasked with coordinating and assisting volunteers with submitting
letters to the editor (LTEs) and engaging either in support or pushback as part of the online
responses. Always space to add to these critically important teams!

Supportive voter signature collection is ongoing, with volunteers needed to collect signatures at
the various party caucuses. Maine GOP caucuses are held on different days ( calendar link
here ) in February and March; Maine Democratic caucuses are all being held on March 4 .
Volunteers need permission from conveners to collect signatures at the caucuses.

There is a person tasked with coordinating letters to the editor (LTEs) and online team
responders, for either supportive or pushback messaging as needed.

Another team member is focused on tracking events, festival and signature collecting
opportunities, such as tabling at last September’s Common Ground Fair.


MAC has been applying for numerous grants, including with Stephen and Tabitha King
Foundation and Maine Community Foundation, as to build capacity. Former consultant Betsy
Smith had laid out benchmarks as to gauge progress and we are currently on target. Andrew
Bossie has also been helpful in establishing early organizational steps and while recently
named as the new executive director of Katahdin Water and Woods, is willing to lend his
consulting expertise on occasion. Beth Franklin is the head of Maine AllCare’s development