Bangor City Council passes healthcare resolution

Becomes first municipality in Maine since 2001 to support equitable healthcare

Bangor Maine AllCare Chapter President Andrew Sarto presenting to the city council

At its February 10 meeting, the Bangor City Council unanimously approved a resolution urging the Maine Legislature to create an equitable healthcare system for the state and all its residents. “We appreciate the support of the Bangor City Council in our efforts, and we hope passage of the resolution will encourage other cities and towns to do the same,” said Andrew Sarto of Bangor, president of the Bangor chapter of Maine AllCare.

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Fall 2019 Maine survey results: most say health care is unaffordable, and support a publicly funded, universal health care system

The survey, carried out door-to-door and at events around the state by Maine AllCare volunteers, was funded by a grant from the Maine Health Access Foundation. Volunteers surveyed 3,864 people from all 16 Maine counties, and from 287 cities and towns.

A snapshot of the results: 95% of the respondents had health insurance and 92% had an easily accessible provider. However, 78% said health care was unaffordable, 42% have put off medical treatment in the past 12 months because of the cost, and 53% had a medical bill that significantly impacted their finances. Over 80% were in support of universal, publicly funded health care at either the federal or state level.

Although this survey represents a “convenience sample” rather than a scientific study, it strongly suggests that people in Maine are not being well served by our present system and they want a solution.

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Maine Voices

“Growing number of doctors coming out in favor of universal care”

Daniel C. Bryant, MD

In a letter to the Portland Press Herald posted on February 5, retired physician Daniel Bryant outlines increasing support for health care reform from both physicians and physicians’ groups.

“As voters weigh the arguments for and against Medicare for All …  they should know that increasingly, the medical profession supports such an approach. They might even consider asking their own doctor what he or she thinks about it.”

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National News

Yale study highlights savings from health care reform

“…a universal system, such as that proposed in the Medicare for All Act, has the potential to transform the availability and efficiency of American health-care services. Taking into account both the costs of coverage expansion and the savings that would be achieved through the Medicare for All Act, we calculate that a single-payer, universal health-care system is likely to lead to a 13% savings in national health-care expenditure, equivalent to more than US$450 billion annually (based on the value of the US$ in 2017).”

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Love data?

Healthcare expenditures per capita by state of residence

Do we really spend that much more on healthcare in Maine now than in the past? If so, how much? The Kaiser Family Foundation’s State Health Facts shows data and trends for the timeframe of 1991 to 2014.

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