February 20 2018 Norway Minutes

MAC Norway Area Chapter Meeting
February 20th, 2018

PRESENT: Liesha, Rom, Cindy, Therese, Jennifer, Walter

  1. Minutes of the January meeting shared and accepted
  2. Discussion of participation in the upcoming Democratic caucus. The Board asks if any are
    planning to attend and obtain sign-up signatures. The group wanted to know if we need local
    (town) or Democratic Party authorization- Therese will investigate and clarify to Liesha. We
    agreed anyone wishing to attend may, and will have yellow cards available
  3. Opioids: Liesha recounted (through connections with indivisible group) that Maine Peoples
    Alliance would like MAC to arrange a movie night in May or June, using Heroin(e), and
    another on home care in the autumn. Participation has been OK’d by the Board. Would like
    participation of a knowledgable provider ( name of Dr. Peter Leighton raised), possible strong
    personal story, panel. Tom related his own personal family story and group discussed Suboxone
  4. Cindy raised questions about the MAC proposed model and position of the VA in this
  5. Jen, using our Nation Builder search engine, passed out analysis of data on the sign-up cards,
    with breakdowns showing 21 people in our area willing to write letters to the editor and others
    to host house parties. Will try to further break down volunteers in these by town
  6. General discussion: included talk about the challenges of working on universal care
    using a state by state approach, the worsening of Maine’s health status compared with
    other states over past 8 years, the frustration with trying to balance working on MAC
    agenda with working on the many other acutely pressing social issues ( gun reform,
    upcoming elections, etc), and divisions among progressive reform groups. Concerns
    expressed re: Democratic Party and independent voters. Suit Up Maine has a working
    group with whom we might work together.
  7. Tom reported that he is now a member of the Board of Directors and shared highlights
    of the minutes of the last Board meeting, including improving access to grant and
    donation monies and the possible hiring of an executive director after a job description
    is completed.
  8. Group reviewed strategies to combat hate groups, including the use of yard signs

Meeting adjourned with plans to hold next meeting March 27th, same time and place
Respectfully submitted,
Tom Sterne