February 15 2018 Ellsworth/MDI Minutes

Meeting: MAC Ellsworth/MDI 2/15/18 Town Hall 3:30-5pm

Present: Bruce Becque, Burt Wartell, Valerie Dornan, Sam Bergma

Our Chapter would welcome more people getting involved because there is
plenty for everyone to do (‘many hands make light work’ ). Please consider
attending meetings. In hopes that more people would be able to attend
meetings if we held them on the weekend, we are proposing changing to:

the second Saturday of the month

mornings 10-12 (at a free venue)


afternoons 3:30-5pm (at a venue costing $15, so we would pass the hat)

Our next meeting is on Sat, March 10th.

We are asking our members to vote and we will set the venue after that.
Ellsworth/MDI members please get back to Bruce with your
preference, morning or afternoon, as above.
We want all members (well, every car in Maine!) to have MAC bumper stickers on their cars and
we will distribute them at our meetings.

Next Task Force Meeting March 2nd in Augusta.

We want a good show of MAC members. Please attend if you can. We have guidelines for anyone who would like to present a testimonial. Email the group for car-pooling .
Gubernatorial Candidate Forum

Bruce, Burt and Valerie went to the Gubernatorial Candidate Forum in Augusta.
Two candidates seem very well versed re Single Payer Universal Health Care. They both are are talking about perhaps collaborating with 4 neighboring states on this. They are both Clean Election Candidates and need $5 contributions from voters to qualify.
Businesses in Ellsworth

MAC is asking businesses to sign in support of SP UHC, which does not commit them to anything, but allows MAC to put them on the MAC website.

Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce: Valerie went to see about MAC joining. Their fee is $158. For now we will make a list of businesses and members can volunteer which ones they will approach, talking with business owners, explaining what we do and why, what we hope to accomplish that would benefit the business community among others. Valerie will print out a list of businesses for members to approach and bring the list to our next Chapter meeting. Members can then choose specific businesses so none are approached twice.
Why was the turnout so poor in Sullivan?

Could we do better getting the word out?
Suggestion we hold them in someone’s home.
House Parties

*April 6th House party at St Dunstan’s 6-8pm. Jean Rohrer is the contact. Valerie ask Jean about combining this with a Community Supper.

*Sat 5-7 the UCC (Church) has Community Suppers. Bruce is going to ask if they would be interested in us showing FIx-It at the same time.

*Sunday afternoon At Reel Pizza Burt will approach R P and Bobbi-Lynn. (House Party event)

*We want to concentrate on having House Parties on MDI.

Bruce is putting our Open Houses on his FB. Members are encouraged to Like Nadine is going to help us set up a FB page for our Chapter.                               Fin