Bangor Maine AllCare Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2018

Attendees: Nate Shea, Jeff Graham, David Green, Larry Dansinger, Andrew Sarto, Geoff Gratwick, Lokotah Sanborn, Dillon Murray, Tahnoor Khan, Carol Bodnar, Courtney Schaff

Discussed the Library Forum Tuesday March 27th 6:30-8PM at the Bangor Public Library
Speakers: David Green (UK, Canada) ?Bob Zieglaar (Belgium, Holland), Henk Goorhuis (summary of the US system)
Prefer not to show a movie
Plan to have the presenters and moderator at a table to answer questions afterwards
Discuss the cost, access and outcomes in each country presented
Discuss the factors that the different care systems have in common
Advertising in ?BDN, Edge, the Weekly, social media, WVOM
Plan “yellow card” table at the event

MAC board meeting and political update (Geoff Gratwick)
How to donate to clean election candidates
Health care task force: discussed definition of terms and goals for healthcare at the state level
Next Task Force meeting Friday March 2nd 9:30-4

CD2 Candidates Forum will be at the Downeast School in Bangor
Friday Feb 16th 6-8:30 PM

Discussed joining Bangor Chamber of Commerce $330 for a non-profit group
Although advertising could be obtained through the group it was felt this was not worth the cost

Treasury report: $240 plus $45 donations today = $285 total

Next meeting March 10 2018 Bagel Central Bangor