Downeast prepares for Task Force, March 2, with Big Pharma viewing

Hunt Gressitt, pictured in center, member of Maine AllCare Downeast Chapter, shares her observations about the February 2018 meeting of the legislative Task Force on Healthcare with some of the audience at the Blue Hill screening of the film, BIG PHARMA.

The Blue Hill Congregational Church was host to a February 26th public screening of BIG PHARMA, presented by the Downeast Chapter of Maine AllCare. The general response from the audience was, “I knew it was bad, the gouging and overpricing of prescription drugs, but I did not know it was ‘this’ bad…”. They wanted to know if the film was show to the Legislators.

Chapter members Hunt Gressitt and Bob Grant lead the Q&A following the film. They also shared their observations about January 22nd 2018 meeting of the Healthcare Task Force in Augusta. They report that most members of the Task Force seemed genuinely interested in coming up improvements to the current, wasteful system of healthcare financing in Maine. The day’s proceedings included expert testimonies from organizations such as Maine Center for Economic Policy, Maine Heritage Policy Center and Consumers for Affordable Health Care and others.

The next meeting of the Healthcare Task Force is on Friday, March 2, 2018 beginning at 9:30 AM Room 220, Cross State Office Building, Augusta ME – phone (207) 287-1314. Audio broadcast may be heard here. Consider showing your support for universal healthcare by attending this public hearing. Task Force members need to see firsthand the ongoing public interest and support in this matter.