December 3 2018 Lincoln County Minutes

Lincoln County Chapter Meeting

Location: Great Salt Bay Farm & Heritage Center – 110 Belvedere Road, Damariscotta

Date: Monday, December 3rd

Time: 5:30 PM – 7 PM

NEW LOCATION: YMCA in Damariscotta (starting January 7th)


  1. Review the Agenda
  2. Introductions – 5 min
  3. Update from Election Day – 10 min
  4. Review Annual Goals – 25 min
  5. Plan for 2019 – 25 min
  6. Data Entry Training – 20 min
  7. Next Meeting – 5 min
  8. Adjourn

Election Day Update: 241 volunteers helped collect support cards at 75 polling locations around the state. We identified more than 15,000 new supporters (goal was 12,000). Last year we collected just over 11,000 cards on Election Day.

Giving Tuesday Update: Maine AllCare held fundraising phone banks at three locations around the state for Giving Tuesday. 15 volunteer callers raised nearly $25,000. Maine AllCare is a small non-profit so this is a huge boost and a sign of growing support for universal healthcare. Last year we raised just over $10,000 on Giving Tuesday.

2018 Goals / Actual Progress Since June 2018

  • 450 volunteers / 1275 new volunteers
  • 300 trained volunteers / 487 new trained vols
  • 14,000 new supporters / 20,000+ new supporters
  • 4 new chapters / 3 new chapters (Lincoln, York, Sacopee Valley)
  • 24 house parties / 9 house parties
  • 500 small donations / 379 donations
  • 20 major donors ($200 +) / 20+
  • 60 business endorsements / 23 new endorsements

Lincoln County Plan for 2019

  • Organize two public forums (Damariscotta & Camden)
  • Organize a documentary showing
  • Educate ourselves – Maine AllCare will provide a national and state update at the next meeting.
  • Date Entry – the 15,000 new support cards need to be entered into our database.
  • Attend the Women’s March in Augusta
  • Table at local events – Damariscotta Pumpkinfest
  • Identify businesses to endorse Maine AllCare

National Update

HR 676, the federal expand and improve Medicare bill, will be introduced again this year. Maine Representative Chellie Pingree is a co-sponsor. We are urging Jared Golden to cosponsor the bill as well since he campaigned on Medicare for All. Please write a letter to Golden or your local paper urging him to support HR 676.

The current estimate is that HR 676 will have 133 supporters in the house (we need 218 for a majority). It’s not impossible to think this bill could pass but it is unlikely. Even if it passes the house it will still need to pass through the senate. The current estimate is only 16 members of the senate would support this bill (51 needed for majority).

Our current estimate is that progress toward Medicare for All is unlikely to happen in the next 2-4 years. The upcoming senate races in 2020 will have a big impact on this issue. Maine is identified as one of the most important states because both of our senators currently oppose Medicare for All.

State Update

LD 1274, the statewide universal health care bill, will be introduced again in the upcoming session by Representative Heidi Brooks from Lewiston. Senators Geoff Gratwick and Troy Jackson (both members of the Maine AllCare board) will cosponsor the bill along with seven other legislators. We will likely be making a push in the coming months to identify more cosponsors.

Senator Geoff Gratwick has been working with the rest of the Maine AllCare board to develop a different universal health care bill which will likely be introduced in the fall. The plan is still being developed but as soon as we have more information we will share it with our members.

Representative Mike Sylvester from Peaks Island is developing his own universal health care bill that he plans on submitting in the next session. His plan would likely include a public buy-in option for Medicaid as well as several cost cutting strategies. More info to come.

Homework: What do you want to get out of these chapter meetings? Which direction do you think Maine AllCare should be going? Please send me your feedback so we can improve our meetings and grow our chapter.

Next Meeting: Monday, January 7th

Time: 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM

NEW LOCATION: Central Lincoln County YMCA 525 Main Street, Damariscotta