Dec 17 2017 Downeast Minutes

Maine AllCare Downeast Chapter

December 17, 2017 meeting minutes

Blue Hill Library

In attendance: Robert Grant, Kevin Hunt, Phil Caper, Jeff Milliken, Susanne Forest, Diana Page, Oscar Ruiz, Sam Bergman, Joe Lendvai, Lynn Cheney





Discussed the first meeting of the Healthcare Task Force in Augusta on 12/20. Diana Page, Oscar Ruiz, Lynn Cheney, Phil Caper and Robert Grant (?) plan to be there.

Collected $270 donation to Maine AllCare from the Downeast Chapter.

Displayed Tom VanBuren’s nifty banner holder.

Film showing We watched “Now is the Time” and a short Washington State YouTube video: “Healthcare, We Can Fix It.”

The group’s consensus was that “Fix-It” delivers a more compelling message than “Now is the Time”  and that the 11-minute Washington video is an excellent resource in situations where time is limited.

Data entry for yellow supporter cards Distributed a large quantity of yellow support cards that need to be entered into Nation Builder. Data entry volunteers are Jeff Milliken, Kevin Hunt, Joe Lendvai, Lynn Cheney and Hunt Gressitt.
MAC Downeast at Union 93 school board meeting in April 2018 Lynn reported that Maine AllCare will be on the agenda at the April meeting of joint school boards of Union 93. This meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 26th at 5:30PM at the Penobscot School.

Follow up/To do: 

What will get done? By who? By when? Notes: Status:
Reach out to “locals”—neighbors, friends, colleagues, etc. who are not in our choir All Next mtg
Look into PNHP details on funding structures Carol Next mtg
Reach out to Flex It re: permanent display Liz Next mtg
Spread the word about chapter and meetings and events All ongoing
Approach Halcyon Grange about having MAC talk at winter talk series Bonnie, Liz Next mtg
Approach BH Winter Market about having MAC table Liz Next mtg
Commit to what we’re willing and able to do (especially house parties) All FOR next mtg
Put small MAC flyer on bulletin boards around communities. All ongoing

 Next scheduled meeting: Sunday January 21, 4-5:30 pm