Our community - It's yours too! Maine has 1,329,608 reasons for universal health care...

Today over 130,000 Mainers have no health insurance, and twice as many are under-insured. Globally, all other wealthy countries provide universal health care for far less than our costs, and often produce better results. The reason – they view health care as a human right.

No one in Maine should face financial ruin, declines in health, or premature death because they cannot afford needed care. Maine AllCare supports health care for everyone as the solution.

This is why we're dedicated to educating the Maine public about the ethical and economic benefits of a universal, state-wide health care plan. One that covers everyone yet costs less than today’s fragmented and inequitable, insurance based system. Our goal, through education, is to create an environment where health care is no longer sold as a product but becomes a human right.

Our vision is that Maine benefits from a universal health care system - not hindered by it. Read more about how Maine AllCare envisions the benefits for businesses and not just individuals, building a more enriched community across the state.

Hear from other Mainers and let them share their personal stories with you.

See the list of organizations and businesses which have endorsed our efforts.