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American wealth vs. American health

Dick Rozek of Portsmouth NH, writes in Seacoast Online: To the Editor: Around 1970 the United States began focusing on the business of medical care rather than on producing and sustaining health. This happened when . . . read more »

COVID-19 and the case for universal healthcare

Another Viewpoint: COVID-19 and the case for universal healthcare By Dr. Daniel Bryant The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us much about public health, economics, hygiene, class, race, leadership, and the like. It has also highlighted . . . read more »

Fighting COVID-19 is socialism

Socialism, properly applied, benefits society as a whole. A letter to the editor by Tom Waddell of Litchfield, published in the Portland Press Herald on April 11, 2020: For those who oppose socialism but support . . . read more »

Medicare for each of us in the age of the coronavirus

The U.S. public—and increasingly the business community—are becoming acutely aware of the rising costs and inadequacies of our current for-profit system, particularly as the current epidemic unfolds. There is no other choice but Medicare for . . . read more »

American Health Care – The Illusion of Choice

“Choice” is a major buzzword in current discussions of healthcare. So let’s discuss our actual healthcare choices—as individuals and as a nation, starting with the argument made by politicians, pundits, and media that over 160 . . . read more »