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June 2022 Newsletter

Medicare at risk Medicare is a successful and popular program, a publicly funded health care system that serves millions of seniors and disabled Americans by focusing on health care, not profit. But ongoing efforts to . . . read more »

Maine columnist on the healthcare resolve effort

Columnist Doug Rooks writes for Seacoast Online: “the most important pending question is the one you’ve probably heard least about: an effort by a consortium of providers and public health groups to bring a version . . . read more »

Follow the Bismarck model

Keith Newman of Addison, Maine advocates for the Bismarck model, describing how Otto von Bismarck united Germany in 1871, with universal healthcare. He states: “We already do the Bismarck model in times of crises. It’s . . . read more »

University abandons students’ health care needs

Financially strapped students can no longer get coverage through the university system, leaving many in the lurch. By Isabel Ruffin – Special to the Portland Press Herald There is already substantial blood on the . . . read more »

Seniors beware!

Jan. 17 — As published in SeacoastOnline To the Editor: Until recently I did not understand the reason for the explosion of ads for Medicare Advantage plans on television. My understanding changed after I received . . . read more »

Complicated and overpriced health care system needs overhaul

Letter: Complicated and overpriced health care systems needs overhaul  I spent the past 5 years purchasing insurance in the Maine “marketplace”. It was complicated and unpleasant, with glitches, surprises, and increasing premiums for decreasing coverage. . . . read more »

Give Maine people the gift of healthcare

Maine Healthcare Action, an independent nonprofit group, proposed a resolve that requires the Maine Legislature to draft a publicly-funded health care plan that provides comprehensive benefits and covers every Maine resident. Pending submission of 63,067 . . . read more »