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Maine should move toward universal care

“The pandemic has taught us the importance of a government willing to take responsibility for the health of the governed…..As a primary care physician, I implore Gov. Mills to join the states seeking to establish . . . read more »

Trenton takes a stand

The pandemic has laid bare the harsh realities of our current for-profit health care system. Besides my own personal and professional story battling this impersonal, complex and expensive system, I was further compelled to work . . . read more »

Students support Maine AllCare

  Students support Maine AllCare Eight social work students have written a letter of support for Maine AllCare.   Their conclusion: “Maine can have universal health care and Mainers can get the health care that they . . . read more »

American wealth vs. American health

Dick Rozek of Portsmouth NH, writes in Seacoast Online: To the Editor: Around 1970 the United States began focusing on the business of medical care rather than on producing and sustaining health. This happened when . . . read more »

COVID-19 and the case for universal healthcare

Another Viewpoint: COVID-19 and the case for universal healthcare By Dr. Daniel Bryant The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us much about public health, economics, hygiene, class, race, leadership, and the like. It has also highlighted . . . read more »